Heure H Dou­ble Jeu

The Heure H Dou­ble Jeu plays with the codes of Her­mès’ iden­tity. In its ver­ti­cal-set ver­sion, the cap­i­tal let­ter is boldly en­hanced with di­a­monds, while in the hor­i­zon­tal set­ting, it slips away, its lines soft­ened. A joy­ful sleight of hand that rein­vents the spirit of the Heure H watch, de­signed in 1996 by Philippe Mou­quet. Play­ful and con­tem­po­rary, the Heure H Dou­ble Jeu watch car­ries within its square the para­dox of lac­quer and di­a­monds. Its steel case cel­e­brates con­trasts. In black or white lac­quer, it is rein­vented through two graphic com­po­si­tions that sub­tly stage the let­ter H. Whether ver­ti­cally adorned with 122 di­a­monds or em­bel­lished in its hor­i­zon­tal ver­sion with 93 di­a­monds fram­ing a dial also set with 138 di­a­monds, it ex­tends an in­vi­ta­tion to tem­po­ral re­cre­ation by play­ing with tones and lu­mi­nes­cence. The black Baré­nia or white grained calf­skin strap, en­larged by 3mm on ei­ther side, merges with the dial in a sim­ple tour around the wrist. The loop forms a H re­call­ing the graphic totem of this watch.

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