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If you don’t count the putter, the driver has the least loft of any club in your bag. An awareness of this can cause the high-handicappe­r to try to lift the ball into the air, either consciousl­y or unconsciou­sly. This causes issues with path, strike and control. Instead, trust a sweeping, shallow attack angle to launch the ball up into the air. Here’s how to use your set-up and swing to promote this low-to-high feel.

1. Address Pre-set launch

Look to create a feeling of being behind the ball at address. Position the ball opposite your lead instep, and lean back slightly with your upper body until the handle of your driver is behind the clubhead and you feel some extra pressure down through your trail foot. Finally, tee it high to encourage a low-to-high attack.

2. Impact Level-to-up

The way you address the ball strongly influences your impact position. The clubhead moves on a circular arc – down, levelling out opposite the lead-side chest, before rising again. Playing the ball off your lead instep promotes impact just into the club’s upward journey, helping you sweep the ball up. This attack angle will give you all the height you need.

3. Strike Slay the splay

When golfers try to assist launch, this typically shows up in the elbows. That lifting motion sees the arms buckle and the elbows splay apart. It’s impossible to create any power or consistenc­y of direction if you’re making this move.

4. Power Tee time technique

To eliminate this damaging movement, forget the ball and swing to a tee peg. Focus solely on keeping the elbows as close together as possible through the ball. You will quickly feel more extension, more width and more speed. Clip the top of the tee five times in a row with this feeling before introducin­g a ball.

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