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One Hand On The Prize

A One Handed Drill For Solid Chips


When we play a chip shot, it feels desirable – even logical – to strike down on the ball. After all, a descending attack angle minimises your chances of catching the ground first. While there is some truth in that, a steep angle of attack also encourages the sharp, leading edge to engage the turf. Unless your contact point is perfect, that leading edge will dig in and deliver the heavy contact you were so intent on avoiding. In truth, it’s less risky to make your attack angle shallower. A more level attack pulls that leading edge away from the ground and allows the club’s curved and rounded sole to skim the grass; use this and you can still make solid contact, even if you do come in slightly behind the ball. This challenge will train that shallower attack...

Head to the short game area with a wedge and a few balls. Take a set-up that sees the handle of the club point up towards your sternum – so minimal forward shaft lean – ball central in your stance. Grip with your trail hand only; put your lead hand in your pocket.

Hit some shortish chip shots with one thought: solid contact. Your upper, lead hand wants to drag the handle forward; with its influence removed, you’ll feel the clubhead wants to release more as you swing.

At first you will struggle to strike the ball well. But persevere until you can strike five solid chip shots in a row. Achieve that and you’ll be well on your way to training a more forgiving impact, with more loft, spin and control.

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