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The Masters isn’t the only one with a tournament champions dinner. While not as high profile, the PGA Champions Dinner is an ongoing tradition. 2020 champion and this year’s host Collin Morikawa, though, didn’t even know about the tradition until tournament week when he had to choose the menu, “It was so cool to talk to a bunch of champions, not just champions that I know, but just guys that are older that aren’t on Tour anymore, just to kind of hear stories from them. It’s a really meaningful night.” The real champion of the night - the platters of sliced porterhous­e steak for table sharing. “Yeah. Knowing me,

I love food, so it was kind of how much food can you just throw at everyone. Obviously going through COVID and everything, you’re so used to takeout boxes — maybe I should have given everyone a takeout box and just told them to go eat in their room. That would have been new.”

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