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While brothers Phil and Tim were making history at Kiawah Island, mom Mary Mickelson watched from home in California, exchanging texts with daughter Tina. One text of note, “Tina, text Philip and tell him just to par in. Don’t hit bombs or activate calves. Just pars. They will have to catch him. He won’t listen to his mother.” Mary also noticed something else, “I saw a different Phil. He seemed to be enjoying it more. He was taking his time, especially when he stood behind the ball before playing the shot. He seemed more focused, like he was blocking out everything except what he was doing. His breathing was slower. He was playing smart, aggressive golf, but not overly aggressive.” Then a mother’s eye noted, “Tim was more involved. There was one moment where Tim said something and he just gently put his hand on Phil’s back. Maybe that’s something that only a mother would observe, but that’s what I saw.”

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