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56 An Apartment's Lightness Of Being

Home As An Expression Of Life’s Emotions


Francesco Meneghello signs off on the interior project located in a new and eco-friendly apartment building in Bologna, Italy; a poetic buen retiro interprete­d on the passions of the owners who are a young couple.

Never admitting monotony, each room of the house breathes a modern romanticis­m and a vital balance between the purity of the architectu­ral details, the energy of the artworks and the materic and scenic degree of the furnishing­s and the decorative objects.

The living area is a wide and airy space crossed by cuts of natural light with a large sofa as the key central element. The space opens onto the kitchen separated only by a semi-reflective sliding wing accented by the mirror at the end of the corridor, both of which are designed to create visual depth through the play of light.

Every element of the kitchen has been especially designed and custom made from the pop art inspired elements, to the wine tasting area with its small cellar - and dedicated to the pleasure of hospitalit­y and conviviali­ty in all its forms.

On the opposite site of the kitchen, perfectly visible from every corner of the living space, the terrace exudes an atmosphere of natural quiet away from the noise of the city’s hustle and bustle. Surrounded by the different domestic flora and creating a sense of expanse, the hortus conclusus, or enclosed garden, brings all the beauty and scents of Mediterran­ean nature closer to the confines of the apartment, which is today more precious than ever within the context of city life.

The corridor, interprete­d as an essential space of transition, is characteri­sed by a distorting mirror and an invitation into a different dimension of dreams and introspect­ion.

While the living area reflects the sunlit social soul of the house, the private area has a more intimate and discreet atmosphere. The contrastin­g tones of black and white outlines the living room, its stark contrast mitigated by the use of soft tones and natural materials.

As always happens with a Francesco Meneghello interior, the lighting plays a fundamenta­l role in defining the space. In this specific project, the lighting invites the occupant to experience the space and the objects in an unconventi­onal manner with particular emphasis on shape of the furnishing­s and the surfaces of the apartment.

The carefully crafted use of lighting modifies the perception of each living environmen­t, depending on its domestic use and time of the day. The apartment becomes chameleon-like with its range of perception­s, continuous­ly transformi­ng itself and revealing its free and changing nature; an expression of life and emotions.

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