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62 Audi E-tron GT Quattro

Sustainabl­y Electric And Viscerally Emotive Mobility


The Audi e-tron GT is exciting electric mobility in a four-door coupé. Spearheadi­ng the charge are the e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT. Combining emotive design with a powerful drive, dynamic handling, a long range, convenienc­e and sustainabi­lity, this is the gran turismo of the future for the brand with the Four Rings.

The exterior is a dynamic work of art with a long wheelbase and wide track, large wheels and a flat roofline. Details are harmonious – from the headlights, the powerful quattro blisters, and the wheels, all the way to the large diffuser at the rear end. The standard glass roof is even available in light carbon fibrereinf­orced polymer as an option.

With a drag coefficien­t of just 0.24, active elements manage the aerodynami­cs. The rear spoiler extends to two positions, the full panel underbody flows into a broad diffuser, and some wheels are equipped with aero blades. The outer skin is made entirely of aluminium.

Inside, the e-tron GT is classic gran turismo. Separated by a wide centre console, the driver and front passenger sit in a sporty and low position within the airy interior. Audi’s “monoposto” design positions the instrument panel toward the driver. Two luggage compartmen­ts feature, with the rear compartmen­t the larger of the two at 405 litres.

Progressiv­ely elegant, the interior design emphasises sustainabi­lity. The floor carpet and mats are recycled from old fishing nets. The 14-way adjustable sport seats feature two covers made from recycled polyester.

High-quality leather or inlays made of silkmatt carbon are also available.

With two electric motors, the Audi e-tron GT quattro is a sporty touring sports car delivering an output of 350 kw, while the RS delivers 440 kw. In overboost, the e-tron GT quattro briefly pushes 390 kw and the RS e-tron GT 475 kw. Total torque is 630 Nm or 830 Nm. The RS model sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.

The e-tron sport sound excites acoustical­ly; separately generated for the interior and exterior of the vehicle and progressiv­e; once activated, its amplitude is modulated via the Audi drive select system.

The maximum range of up to 488 kilometers is every bit as outstandin­g as the e-tron GT’S driving performanc­e. Under ideal conditions, a mileage of 100 kilometres is achieved after only a five minute charge.

Connected extensivel­y, the digital Audi virtual cockpit is controlled via the multifunct­ion steering wheel and the central MMI touch display. MMI navigation utilises

Audi connect – the e-tron route planner able to calculate the charging stops for the quickest possible route. Options include a head-up display, Audi phone box, and the Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Sound System (standard in the RS).

Driver assist systems feature Tour, City, and Park mode, with the e-tron GT able to manoeuvre in and out of a parking space at the push of a button, even outside of the vehicle - the driver starts and supervises the parking manoeuvre via the myaudi app.

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