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Honma Beres And T//world Wedges

The Gold Standard In Premium And Luxury Performanc­e



Honma’s top-of-the-line Beres wedge is for golfers seeking the gold standard in high performanc­e and luxury golf equipment. Unrivalled craftsmans­hip applied to premium materials craft out a supremely luxurious finish on top of maximum speed and spin performanc­e.

More than 100 Takumi or master craftsmen in Sakata, Japan, apply their expertise in club building and incredible attention to detail to create the ultimate wedge; one that delivers unrivalled short game performanc­e.

While steel shafted, Honma’s Beres Wedge also incredibly offers up the custom option of their legendary and luxurious handrolled ARMRQ shafts. And Beres wouldn’t be Beres without the gold and platinum embellishm­ents in the club heads, ferrules and grips.

Crafted from premium mild soft steel, the Beres wedge features patented dualplatin­g for maximum spin control. The ‘Slide Zone’ ensures the club head slides through turf and sand for optimal speed at impact, while the ‘Spin Zone’ produces maximum surface roughness on a CNC milled clubface for incredible spin control.

This patented design combinatio­n along with the high-cg reverse taper blade design that gradually increases in thickness from bottom to top, ensures the ball stays in contact with the clubface for longer to deliver maximum spin and optimal distance across all five loft versions.

Sole grinds include the I-sole (50° and 52°) to optimise clubface delivery on full shots for consistent distance, while the C-sole (56°, 58° and 60°) is ideal for greenside shot making versatilit­y.


True Temper Dynamic Gold 95 VSS PRO Steel in onyx black (Standard) Honma ARMRQ Graphite, 2 to 5-Star (Custom)


Honma’s T//world Wedge builds on prior award-winning performanc­e. With seven loft options and improved design features across a multitude of sole and bounce options, precise centre of gravity locations offer optimal distance and spin control on shots around the green.

Forged from mild soft steel, the classic club face features proprietar­y CNC milling for exceptiona­l levels of spin and bite on finesse shots around the green, while aluminium back inserts improve the CG location.

The lower lofted (48°, 50°, 52° and 54°) wedges promote a mid-low CG, optimal spin and precise distance control on full shots. In the higher lofts (56°, 58° and 60°), graduating face thickness delivers a high CG that helps the ball grip the club face for longer, especially on high face strikes.

Three sole grinds offer versatilit­y in varying turf conditions and to match angles of attack into the ball.

The I-sole (48°, 50°, 52° and 54°) has slight trailing edge relief for full sole performanc­e with improved turf interactio­n at impact.

The C-sole (56°, 58° and 60°) delivers aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief for artful shot making versatilit­y.

The S-sole’s (58° and 60°) four-way relief adds forgivenes­s and aids shot making. The wide, full sole keeps the wedge friendly across a variety of lies, particular­ly from bunkers.

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Available at Honma Golf @ Wheelock Place and Pan-west stores.
SHAFTS Nippon N.S.PRO Modus3 115 Wedge Steel Honma Vizard IB-105 Wedge Graphite Available at Honma Golf @ Wheelock Place and Pan-west stores.

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