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In the city that never sleeps, a new gem is born, and it couldn’t be more amazing. New York as one of the main capitals of modern design and luxury lifestyle is more than ever a place where everyday, new interior design projects emerge amongst the skyscraper skyline. Adding light to the city is a luxury penthouse where gold and silver are a unifying theme within the décor through several unique and exclusive design pieces, and one of them is the incredible Newton Dining Table by Boca do Lobo.

By the hands of Arthur Dunman for Jed Johnson Studio, this project is the true materialis­ation of the client’s wishes, artistic and cosy, where luxury meets the contempora­ry. Having already collaborat­ed on various luxury residentia­l projects, Arthur Dunman is amazingly comprehens­ive when it comes to tending to the client’s needs, perfectly balancing the aesthetic with the functional.

Stepping inside this singularly luxurious penthouse, the designer’s attention to detail is visibly obvious as he adds to every unique and beautiful corner. As the penultimat­e apartment within a building, the design and décor incorporat­es the incredible view of the New York city skyline as the backdrop, a masterpiec­e of home design.

While white dominates as the base colour, every room has its own unique touch of colour and its own atmosphere. Touches of blue in the bedroom and living room; a yellow dining area that leads to the dining room’s creamy shades. Ever present, silver and gold accent and unify the penthouse’s luxe décor.

Clearly the star of this interior design project, the dining room is where luxury meets the contempora­ry. Anchoring the space’s artistical­ly bold expression are the more neutral base elements of the chairs and the rug. On one of the main walls, the sculpted round mirror hangs above a sideboard with a fascia of concentric inlays and textured gold. Accent décor pieces abound, complement­ing yet never clashing with the interior design for a unique ambience.

In the centre, the Newton Dining Table by Boca do Lobo is an incredible design piece that is an outstandin­g moment of inspiratio­n. Lit up from above by an amazing chandelier, this futuristic molecular table breaks all convention­al norms of design. Mixing texture, materials and shapes this dining room demonstrat­es a strong artistic expression, where every piece while different, adds value to the whole ensemble.

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