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Milled And Forged Precision


Milled And Forged Precision

Mizuno have long been legendary when it comes to premium forged irons with that soft buttery feel. And in the last few years, they’ve expanded their reputation and gained traction with their metalwoods, wedges, and putters.

When Mizuno launched their M-craft putters a year ago, the craftsmans­hip was on a level that hadn’t been seen since the brand partnered with putter legend Bob Bettinardi almost two decades back. The line lived up to Mizuno’s reputation for producing equipment of absolute precision and feedback.

Now, the M.craft line builds on the earlier success of the first three more traditiona­lly shaped putters with three contempora­ry yet no less popular designs with the M.craft IV, M.craft V, and M.craft VI.

Every M-craft putter is forged from 1025 mild carbon steel (the same steel found in Mizuno’s forged irons) for that soft yet solid feel, then CNC Milled to shape for precision and consistenc­y.

A deep CNC face milling pattern creates a softer feel and pure roll, and at the same time sharply details

and defines edges for a crisp and premium aesthetic. The decision not to use soft inserts comes down to giving golfers the sort of responsive feel expected from a Mizuno forged iron, but in a putter. Expect a slightly firmer more confident impact sound.

Both the M-craft IV and V putter head weighs in at 355g, while the VI weighs 371g. Mizuno says the heavier heads promote a fluid, rhythmical stroke. Each putter also comes with a weight kit (two 3g and 13g weights) and a wrench to increase or decrease head weight by 10g.

There are three stunning finishes to choose from - classic White Satin, bold Blue Ion or intense Black Ion. This unusual move, along with the included weight kit, is testament to their attention to detail and quality. Even the headcover receives the same attention, emblazoned with the leather M•craft mark.


A modern wide-body blade with slant neck (slight hosel offset) and longer sightline to help with alignment. Stepfree cavity back for a clean look at address. A moderate toe hang suited to slightly arcing putting strokes.


A modern short and wide head mallet with a slant neck and boxy look. Uninterrup­ted long sightline emphasises alignment. Maximum toe hang suits strong arc putting strokes.


The heaviest putter at 371 grams, this is a modern winged stability mallet. Two sightlines frame the golf ball’s width at address and a semi-circular shape in the cavity back focuses attention on the impact zone. Face balanced to suit golfers with a straight back and through stroke.

“A great putter like the M.craft is part engineerin­g and part inspiratio­n – just like a great putting stroke is part technique and part artistry. It’s all about balance.”

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