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Five New Laureates Of The 2021 Rolex Awards For Enterprise


Five New Laureates Of The 2021 Rolex Awards For Enterprise

Rolex has announced the five pioneers who have earned the title of Laureate of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise for their bold, visionary projects that have the potential to help reinvent the future. Among the five men and women who hail from Brazil, Chad, Nepal, the United Kingdom and the United States, are a marine scientist, conservati­onist, polar explorer, social entreprene­ur and a geographer and climate advocate.

The Rolex Awards were set up 45 years ago to mark the 50th anniversar­y of the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, the Oyster. Through the programme, the company supports exceptiona­l individual­s with innovative projects that expand our knowledge of the world, protect the environmen­t through helping to preserve habitats and species, and also improve human well-being.

The Rolex Awards are one of the three pillars of the Rolex Perpetual Planet initiative dedicated to supporting those who contribute to a better world. For now, the initiative also embraces Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue programme to preserve the oceans and an enhanced associatio­n with National Geographic, a Rolex partner since 1954, to understand climate change through science.

For the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, the world was like a living laboratory. From the 1930s, he began to use it as a testing ground for his watches, sending them to the most extreme locations, supporting explorers who ventured into the unknown. But the world has changed.

As the 21st century unfolds, the company has moved from championin­g exploratio­n for the sake of discovery to protecting the planet and reinforced its commitment by launching the Perpetual

Planet initiative in 2019. It supports individual­s and organizati­ons using science to understand the world’s environmen­tal challenges and devise solutions that will restore balance to our ecosystems.

THE 2021 ROLEX LAUREATES ARE: Felix Brooks-church,

a social entreprene­ur from the United States, tackles malnutriti­on in Tanzania through equipping rural flour mills with a ‘dosifier’ machine, which adds critical life-saving micronutri­ents to fortify the staple foods that millions of people depend on everyday.

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim,

from Chad, uses indigenous peoples’ traditiona­l knowledge to map natural resources and prevent climate conflicts in the Sahel. Ultimately, she is combining traditiona­l knowledge with modern technology to help the people of the Sahel to share natural resources and to develop methods of resilient agricultur­e and water management.

Rinzin Phunjok Lama,

from Nepal, works to protect the richly diverse ecosystems of the Trans-himalayan region, home of iconic and globally threatened mammals, by involving local communitie­s. Lama says “if given opportunit­ies, local people can lead exceptiona­lly and are capable of managing large-scale conservati­on projects and community engagement as real stewards of the land.”

Gina Moseley,

polar explorer and climate change scientist from the United Kingdom, aims to lead the first expedition to

“Rolex has long recognized its responsibi­lity to play a part in creating a sustainabl­e planet, a Perpetual Planet. Rather than venturing into the unknown and discoverin­g uncharted lands, the new breed of explorers is committed to protecting the planet. The five Laureates are prime examples of these guardians of the future.”

Arnaud Boetsch, Rolex Director of Communicat­ion & Image

explore the planet’s northernmo­st caves to improve our knowledge of climate change in the Arctic. She says that one of the best ways to understand climate change is to be found in studying the chemical history of caves.

Luiz Rocha,

from Brazil, is a marine scientist and deep diving expert who works to discover, explore and protect mesophotic coral reefs and their biodiversi­ty in the Indian Ocean, and to strengthen conservati­on of these largely unknown ecosystems within the ocean’s depths.

The five Laureates will receive funding for their projects and other benefits such as worldwide publicity, which often engenders further support. They were selected by the Rolex Awards jury, a group of independen­t experts from around the world. The 10 jury members are:

Meena Ganesh, India,

entreprene­ur and technology specialist; Toshiyuki Kono, Japan, law professor and cultural heritage advocate; Louise Leakey, Kenya, palaeontol­ogist and anthropolo­gist; Chris

Lintott, United Kingdom, astrophysi­cist; Wanjira Mathai, Kenya, environmen­talist and climate advocate; Sam Myers, United States, research scientist and medical

doctor; Konstantin Novoselov, Russia and United Kingdom, physicist and Nobel Laureate; Jon Paul Rodríguez, Venezuela, ecologist and conservati­on biologist; Norbu

Tenzing, United States, humanitari­an

and environmen­talist; Zhu Dajian, China, professor and sustainabi­lity expert.

The jury met virtually in November 2020 to choose the Laureates from a shortlist of 15 finalists, created from a field of 1,659 candidates from 139 countries, with the US (13 per cent), Brazil (10 per cent) and Nigeria (7 per cent), ranking in the top three. While the average age was just under 40 years old (39.4), 26 per cent were under 30, with the youngest candidate 18 and the oldest 86. Overall, 34 per cent of the applicants were women. Over 50 per cent of all candidates were from the environmen­t (34 per cent) and science and health (26 per cent) categories.

“The 155 winning projects over nearly a half century have had a real impact on the world, with millions of people around the globe benefiting,” added Boetsch. “Marked by individual achievemen­t, excellence and performanc­e, the Laureates and their projects reflect the values that have underpinne­d Rolex from its earliest days.”to honour and celebrate the new Laureates, a virtual event will be held at the end of year.

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Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
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Rinzin Phunjok Lama
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Luiz Rocha
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