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Ahead of Tokyo, Rory Mcilroy didn’t think there was much to look forward to, now he can’t wait for “another crack” at a gold medal come the Paris Olympics in 2024. “I’ve never tried to so hard in my life to finish third,” said Mcilroy who narrowly missed out on a bronze medal in a 7-man playoff. Admitting to earlier comments that were “uneducated and impulsive”, Mcilroy has done an about face before when he called the Ryder Cup merely an “exhibition” before playing for Europe for the first time in 2010. He changed his stance quickly once experienci­ng first-hand the passion surroundin­g the event. “That’s sort of a trait of mine,” Mcilroy said, “but like I’m happy to be proven wrong. I was proven wrong at the Ryder Cup, I’ve been proven wrong this week and I’m happy to say that.”

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