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When “The Golf Fix” first aired in 2008, host Michael Breed was a bundle of energy, sharing fun and fastpaced fixes to specific problems live on the Golf Channel. What started as a breath of fresh became the highest-rated, most-watched instructio­n series in the history of television. Now, almost 13 years-on, “The Golf Fix” is making a comeback with new host Devan Bonebrake, a rising star in golf instructio­n. Featuring the same theme music, it’ll also be pre-recorded and shot outdoors, rather than being hosted live in a studio, which will allow the show to utilise Toptracer and other technology. Engaging, charismati­c, and energetic, host Bonebrake says the goal of the show will be “raising golfers’ IQ,” and how there’s no one way of swinging a golf club. Golfers can match-up their own swing and hit better shots because of it.

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