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Once famed purely for their drivers, Taylormade now have a stunning putter range with a model for all


Taylormade produce three putter families, from high MOI mallet to classic blade. The Spider is by far the most popular. Each model (there’s currently five) targets forgivenes­s and stability within slightly different malletshap­ed heads. The brand’s more traditiona­l TP Patina Collection targets classic flat stick fans, while the Truss comes at stability in a brand new way, with a hosel design that adds 50% more stability to the face than a normal blade design.


HOSEL TYPES Single bend; face balanced/zero toe hang: Flow neck; 20° toe hang: Short slant; 28° toe hang

The XE is brand new for 2021, and it’s the headline Spider of the year. Thanks to three different hosels, it can suit golfers with straight and arcing strokes (the more arcing your stroke, the more toe hang you need). We love how the tungsten front weights (40, 50 or 60g depending on length) and steel side weights (56g) max out stability from what is a pretty compact head size. A new fluted shaft increases feel, while an aggressive aluminium and urethane insert produces great roll and feedback. Choose from navy, platinum and ghost white colour schemes.


HOSEL TYPES Single bend; face balanced/zero toe hang: Flow neck; 22°

The new Spider SR has a larger head than the XE and a fanged back design, which is great for stability and really useful for seeing the putter’s path. We love the straighter, more angular lines of the SR and how the white True Path section in the centre is the same width as a golf ball. Tungsten and steel wing weights maximise stability in this cracking MOI model.


HOSEL TYPES Single bend; face balanced/zero toe hang: L-neck; 25° toe hang; Small slant; 46° toe hang

While 63% of putters sold are mallets, there’s still a good chunk of golfers who prefer a blade. The FCG (Front Centre of Gravity) targets these traditiona­lists. With three hosel set-ups (it can fit any stroke type), it has the same centre of gravity placement as a traditiona­l blade, which means golfers get the same launch and feel as a traditiona­l blade with the forgivenes­s (distance control) of a mallet.


HOSEL TYPES Single bend; face balanced/zero toe hang: Flowneck; 21° toe hang

Spider X has been a big success over the last two years. Its head is more streamline­d than the Spider Tour that took DJ and Jason Day to World No.1. For 2021, this compact mallet has a new finish but retains its heavy steel frame and lightweigh­t carbon core, so expect plenty of forgivenes­s. However, you don’t get the fluted feel shaft like the other new Spider models.


HOSEL TYPES Single bend; face balanced/zero toe hang: L-neck; 20° toe hang

Thanks to a heavy tungsten back bar (it ranges in weight from 40-70g, depending on the putter’s length), the S is the highest MOI Spider. For 2021 the True Path white section on top has been extended to the width of a ball. Expect a similar head size to the Spider SR. The choice between the pair comes down to whether you prefer the extra stability of the S or the fanged back of the SR.


HOSEL TYPES TB1; heel-shafted blade, 16° toe hang: TB2; centreshaf­ted blade, face balanced/zero toe hang

Very much the iconic heel-toe weighted blade shape that so many golfers love, but with a Truss hosel that’s designed to deliver less twisting at impact. Expect a slightly firmer feel and sound as the extra support means the head doesn’t vibrate like a traditiona­l putter. If you love blades but could do with some extra stability, the Truss can deliver.


HOSEL TYPES TM1; heelshafte­d mallet – 10° toe hang: TM2; centre-shafted mallet; face balanced/zero toe hang

Truss models were in and out of tour player bags last season and this fanged back mallet (TM1) was the most popular of the bunch. We reckon the centreshaf­ted TM2 is a great shout if you see putting in straight lines. Each Truss comes with our favourite Lamkin Sink Fit grip.


HOSEL TYPES Long curve; 47° toe hang

The Soto has been in and out of Rory Mcilroy’s bag over the last few years, but thanks to the sizeable amount of toe hang it’s best suited to pretty strong arc players. The classic blade styling means we reckon the Soto is a perfect model for golfers who insist that putters should look like an old-school Scotty.

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