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A Bolder Bathroom Is Just As Beautiful


Beyond the tiled bathroom surface, walls can be brought to life courtesy of made-to-measure wall murals.’s image and design options number in the thousands, and there’s one to suit every eye with stunning prints on premium wallpaper.

New for summer 2021, the creators of made-to-measure wallpaper murals have launched a collection of William Morris designs that surpasses the traditiona­l patterned wallpaper. The versatile 29-piece collection is comprised of intricate designs in close-up view for a bolder look. Here are five curated wallpapers that will add zest and zen to your bathroom for that spa-like feel.

Featuring the traditiona­l William Morris colour palette, this classic wallpaper mural of 19th-century tulip art makes a statement and is a convenient­ly easy route to a luxurious European bathroom.

Recently updated, the collection of oriental wallpaper murals includes beautiful works of art by Ohara Koson. ‘Two Veil Goldfish’ will add oriental calm to your bathroom. For a style more subtle, opt for one of his floral designs offered in the same mellow colour palette.

Will marble ever become outdated? We think not, but marble does come with a hefty price tag, and at times may not be such a viable or practical option. That’s why has brought together a realistic collection of classic and abstract marble designs. By teaming a marble design with wooden features, you can expect to create a natural, rural spa feel.

For the feel of a luxurious spa, opt for the popular panelled look. Instead of committing to attaching wood onto bathroom walls in what may not always be a practical solution,’s expansive collection of panel designs allows you to change it up as and when you feel like it. From this regal navy design to more daring colours, they add statement to any bathroom.

The daring are encouraged to clash colours and patterns in a personal expression of who they are. One option are the popular jungle wallpapers. While dark designs add mystery and yet a cosy ambiemnce that will leave your guests envious.

Here are a few suggestion­s on caring for your wallpaper. Opt for the premium wallpaper for its anti-mildew properties. Well ventilated bathrooms ensures the wallpaper has an extended lifespan. And although wipeable, wallpaper should be installed away from any potential soaking.

 ??  ?? Dark Tropical Leaves Mural
Dark Tropical Leaves Mural
 ??  ?? Dark Blue Panels
Dark Blue Panels
 ??  ?? Two Veil Goldfish mural
Two Veil Goldfish mural
 ??  ?? White Marble Mural
White Marble Mural
 ??  ?? Tulip Pattern by William Morris
Tulip Pattern by William Morris

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