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◆ Lofts 46° / 50° / 52° / 54° / 56° / 58° / 60° ◆ Finish options Satin Chrome, Satin Black ◆ Grind options Standard Bounce, Low Bounce, High Bounce, Tiger Grind ◆ Stock shaft True Temper Tour Issue S200

The MG3 may look no different to a traditiona­l wedge, but it brings together cutting-edge expertise to create a thoroughly modern offering. A raw, unplated face rusts over time and feels better and spins more than a plated alternativ­e. Raised micro ribs create a more textured face surface that grabs and grips shots into additional spin. A progressiv­e, thick-thin blade design optimises the centre of gravity location for each loft, while Cnc-milled sole geometry ensures consistenc­y over handfinish­ed alternativ­es. Wedges don’t come more tech-filled.


If, like us, you struggle to get excited about the modern trend for high-toe wedge shapes and full face grooves, the MG3 will be right up your street.

We love how its straight leading edge sets up at address, and how it flows beautifull­y from lower to higher lofts, so you get the same look across the board. We removed the protective face sticker a few weeks before our test day, to allow the face to start to oxidise, but it hadn’t rusted too much, so the MG3 could well have a little more spin left in its tank.

Our test pro felt shots gripped the face brilliantl­y, which our data completely supports. It missed out on very top spot for backspin by a minuscule 4rpm (to Hogan’s Equalizer), but easily surpassed the Vokey SM8 by 10.9%, with 39.9% additional spin consistenc­y.

All in all, a brilliant wedge family that will stand the test of time in any decent club golfer’s bag.

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