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◆ Lofts 48° / 50° / 52° / 54° / 56° / 58° / 60° / 62° ◆ Finish options Chrome or Black ◆ Grind options Standard, Texas Grind ◆ Stock shaft Choose between four premium options

The Equalizer II is a brilliant value wedge option, especially when you factor in that the heads are forged, unlike many modern wedges. The legendary V-sole was developed by Ben Hogan himself and combines lots of leading edge bounce with less trailing edge angle to promote a solid contact from all sorts of lies. They feature a Cnc-milled face and grooves, plus a progressiv­e CG location to help land short, delicate shots softly while hitting full-on approaches lower with extra control.


Like the Equalizer’s older sibling, the second generation wedge has come up smelling of roses in TG testing. The previous Equalizer model had a split weighted blade which positioned mass higher for extra stability – that produced the most consistent spin rates (shot predictabi­lity) of our 2021 Top Gear wedge test sessions. The Equalizer II sacrifices a little of that consistenc­y, but what it gets in return is super high levels of spin and control.

Our test data has it down as our highest spinning wedge, albeit by just a tiny 4rpm from Taylormade’s MG3. A sizeable 12% more spin than the Vokey SM8 (and 29.2% more spin consistenc­y) is seriously impressive though, especially when you factor in the price difference.

As far as head shape and feel go, the Hogan is second to absolutely nothing in this test, so if you’re looking for a great performing new wedge set-up for sensible money, there couldn’t be a better time to visit Hogan’s website

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