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◆ Lofts 45°-62° in 1° increments ◆ Finish options Satin Chrome, Denim Copper, Raw ◆ Grind options S, D, C, X ◆ Stock shaft Choose from 28 premium options

The T22 has a compact high-toe teardrop shape that was originally developed in associatio­n with Luke Donald. Under the chrome and copper finishes (the Raw isn’t plated, so will rust over time) there’s a micro-thin copper coating to enhance feel and feedback, just like you’ll find on Mizuno’s MP20 irons. A tapered blade design is thicker, higher in the blade to produce a more penetratin­g ball flight and up spin consistenc­y, especially when shots are hit high up the face.


We’re really picky about wedge shapes, and old enough to remember when Mizuno thought it worth making both Round and Teardrop wedge profiles. Our thinking is that just because Luke Donald likes a particular wedge shape, it doesn’t mean all golfers will.

The T22 have an air of tradition and simplicity, which many classic Mizuno iron fans will adore. But when sat alongside the stiff competitio­n on test, we wonder how many would plump for them. They have a faint feel of love or hate about them, especially in the Denim Copper finish. Mizuno iron fans are likely to buy into the T22 much more readily than a decent club golfer who’s just looking for a great performing set of wedges.

Our test pro liked the forged feel and the 3.8% extra spin he created over the equivalent Vokey SM8. In terms of finish, lots of golfers will plump for satin chrome to match their Mizuno irons, but the unplated Raw model is likely to spin a fraction more once it’s had chance to build up a rusty patina.

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