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◆ Lofts 54° / 56° / 58° / 60° / 64° ◆ Finish options Black or Chrome ◆ Grind options C-grind only ◆ Stock shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner

With lofts starting from 54 (where Callaway’s Jaws MD5 wedges run from 46), there are no 48, 50 or 52 gap wedge lofts available here, so the Full Toe is designed very much as a sand and lob wedge option. A thicker toe pad pulls the centre of gravity up the face, so shots are hit lower, with a more controlled trajectory and added spin consistenc­y. The variable weight port system in the back of the head moves the CG away from the hosel, improving feel and feedback. Each Full Toe wedge comes with full face grooves.


The Full Toe is Callaway’s first high-toe wedge, yet the design isn’t completely alien to them as they’ve produced the Phil Mickelson-inspired PM Grind wedges for several years. If, like us, you’ve struggled to warm to

PM Grind models before, there’s no getting away from how you’ll see a very similar shape in the new Full Toe. And don’t forget that Callaway have the cracking Jaws MD5 for the more traditiona­l among us.

If you understand that hightoe wedges offer extra spin capability and you can stomach full face grooves, then the Full Toe is up there among the very best tour-level high-toe options we’ve seen. The top line is wafer thin, which might set alarm bells ringing for some but it didn’t stop our test pro gaining an extra 2.9% backspin over the non-high-toe Titleist Vokey SM8.

It’s a wedge that needs careful considerat­ion before purchase, but if you play a lot of open-face lob shots, or have a specific purpose for one, the Full Toe can definitely do a job for you.

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