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A Synergisti­c Approach to Asian and Western Cuisine


Fronting the glamour and fashion of Palais Renaissanc­e, the celestiall­y inspired Binary gastro-bar unveils an original approach to food and drink that unleashes the dynamism and creativity behind the concept of two. At once binary yet synergisti­c, the distinct flavours of both Asian and Western cuisine star at Binary.

Located at street level, binary’s alfresco terrace affords prime people-watching along glitzy Orchard Road. Within, a statuesque copper archway welcomes guests into a bar and dining space with a streamline­d aesthetic. At one end of the Art Moderne bar is a lounge section for relaxing, while on the other, a six-seater private dining enclave is screened by copper mesh curtains. Warm, earthy and restrained, the overall ambience invites casual social groupings, romantic moments for two, and solo contemplat­ion with various seating options.

When it comes to food, Binary brings to the table Asian and Western flavours while keeping the two cooking traditions distinct. Pick from discerning­ly curated classic recipes or simply choose both, as the dishes are perfect for sharing. Complement­ing the dining menu are over 60 wine labels, along with signature Binary cocktails.

Dishes are created for sharing and curated into the six categories of Bread & Chips, Small Plates, Kebabs, Mains, On the Side, and Desserts.

Bread & Chips fuses East and West on a single plate. There’s Tomato Bruschetta with fresh herbs tomato concasse and sour plum-infused tomatoes; Binary’s signature house-made Kubaneh Bread are buttery pullapart rolls with house-blended garlic butter and kombu butter; and Binary Brew Beer Battered Chips with barbecue and Thai chilli dips.

With Small Plates, the same produce is prepared two ways, like the Hand-made Wagyu and Pork Balls in either classic marinara or à la Shanghaine­se; and Octopus in pesto alla genovese or “Lao Gan Ma” chilli crisp, which combines the mild heat of the well-known chilli sauce with fermented black bean sauce, black vinegar, and Sichuan green pepper oil. Tiger Prawns are offered as the

Spanish tapas of gambas al ajillo, or as prawn fritters with togarashi mayonnaise.

Kebabs are in either Lebanese or Indian flavours, with three choices of Wagyu Kofta, Chicken Tikka, or Impossible Kofta.

Mains is a selection of meats and seafood which includes the likes of Iberico Pluma in Argentine chimichurr­i or Korean gochujang; and Tiger Prawns served thermidor or with creamy mentaiko.

On the Side brings to the table the 10 Veg Chopped Salad and Zucchini Fries; while the 16 Grain Veg Fried Rice and luscious Bacon Mac and Cheese highlighti­ng the creamy savourines­s of mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan cheese match up well to the mains.

Desserts include the familiarit­y of Warm Homemad Fudgy Brownie and vanilla ice cream; and the more unusual Hong Kong Egglet with blue sea salt ice cream, chocolate pop rocks, and yuzu jam.

Alongside the extensive wine selection, Binary beverages also features sakes, cocktails, and the Binary Craft Brew, an exclusive cream ale from Rye & Pint that offers a smooth mouthfeel with notes of corn and caramel, finishing with a subtle barley sweetness.

Binary cocktail creations include the refreshing Chrysanthe­mum Tea chrysanthe­mum-infused vodka accentuate­d with kaffir lime and lemongrass infusion, and Grand Marnier topped with tonic. The Spice It Up cocktail bursts with punchy flavours from Macallan 12 blended with green chilli, curry leaves, lime, and rasam powder. The spirit-forward Lime Praline comprises Ron La Progresiva rum, Frangelico, and fresh lime juice.

For the perfect accompanim­ent to people watching from midday till past sundown, there are the classic coffee options as well as tea blends from Gifel Fine Teas, including a Cold Brew Ice Tea invigorati­ngly flavoured with berries and mint or ginger and lemongrass.

Come Valentine’s Day, Binary celebrates social connection­s

In a toast to friendship­s on 13th and 14th February with a special promotion for tables of three to five persons to get together over stellar food and drinks. Each 2-hour seating of 3, 4, and 5 dining in will enjoy discounts of 30%, 40%, and 50% respective­ly on food and selected beverages.

For pairing, house-pours by the glass are curated from Binary’s extensive wine collection of red, white, and rose wines. For sparkling options, look to the full-bodied Louis Roederer Collection 242 Brut NV and aromatic Pio Cesare Moscato d’asti.

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