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CALLAWAY PARADYM Lofts: 3W - 15° / 3W HL - 16.5° / 5W - 18° / 7W - 21° / 9W - 24° / 11W - 27° / HVN - 20° Stock shafts: Aldila Ascent PL Blue, Project X HZRDUS Silver, Project X HZRDUS Black

VERDICT: The Paradym’s new ‘final finish to final finish’ constructi­on (so zero finishing mass is placed inefficien­tly) creates a seriously good looking fairway. The head sits beautifull­y square, the face grooves highlight centre face and the size is more friendly than frightenin­gly compact. Thanks to an adjustable hosel, this year’s prices are high. But if you’re looking for a new fairway wood in 2023, or your game would benefit from the brand’s huge array of higher lofts as an alternativ­e to hybrids, the Paradym was our third-fastest and joint third-longest (252 yards) of the year.

TAYLORMADE STEALTH 2 Lofts: 3W - 15° / 3W HL - 16.5° / 5W 18° / 7W - 21° / 9W - 24° Stock shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red TR

VERDICT: Following in the footsteps of last year’s Stealth, our data has this latest model down as one of the very best fairway woods available. It’s worth rememberin­g the head size is significan­tly smaller than Taylormade’s wider body HD, so if you’re not the most confident wood player there are alternativ­es out there that can help you. In terms of data, Stealth 2 was T3 longest (252 yards), but distance is just one tiny part of this club’s DNA.

The model produced a ball speed 2mph faster than our test average. Couple that with a higher peak height, steeper landing angle and a fraction less spin than most and you’ve got lower spin, higher ball flight and increased stopping power. Our pro also hit shots into a 34% smaller area than our test average.

SRIXON ZX MK II Lofts: 3W+ - 13.5° /3W - 15° / 5W - 18° / 7W - 21° Stock shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX

VERDICT: Srixon ZX fairways and hybrids have been strong performers in our test sessions over the last few years, and the new MK II version slips perfectly into the shoes of its predecesso­r. By three yards the ZX was our longest fairway wood of 2023 (257 yards), which is seriously impressive considerin­g the strong opposition. Backspin and shot height were below average, too, which highlights how this model is a better fit for slightly stronger players. If that’s you, you’ll be delighted to know the ZX hit shots into a 28% smaller dispersion area than our test average. A top performer in the right hands. PING G430 MAX Lofts: 3W - 15° / 5W - 18° / 7W - 21° / 9W - 24° Stock shaft: Ping Alta CB Black, Ping Tour 2.0 Chrome, Ping Tour 2.0 Black

VERDICT: Fairway woods have become harder to hit off the deck, as modern balls spin so little (to max out carry), it makes them harder to launch high off the turf. It’s not too surprising, then, to see Ping up their 3-wood loft to 15° this year. It’s a decent move not just from a performanc­e perspectiv­e, but also because 14.5° always felt quite mentally challengin­g. Like lots of Ping equipment, this will perform in anyone’s bag. We can’t say it was our longest (242 yards), but with a carry drop-off of just seven yards it was incredibly forgiving between on and-off-centre hits, and shots were hit into our smallest dispersion area (158.2yds²). With the right shaft, this model can fit a very wide audience.

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