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VERDICT: More forgivenes­s usually means slower ball speeds, but the MAX has speed-enhancing tech behind the face, so it unexpected­ly produced the second-fastest ball speeds (153.8mph with the 12g sole weight in the rear port) of our test. Throw in a shallower face height, a really nicely shaped head and the ability to get a lighter, livelier and higher launching UST Helium shaft and this is a lot of club for the cash.


VERDICT: The TSR launched in 2022, so it’s not part of the very latest crop of new fairways, but expect to see it in Titleist’s line-up throughout 2023. While this model was nine yards back from our very longest, thanks to its attractive head shape and profile, an array of stock shaft options plus a good range of lofts, the family could be dialled in to suit a decent amount of less confident club golfers who generate reasonable speed.


VERDICT: Just like the TD driver, this is fast and long when hit from the middle; at 254 yards, it was our second-longest fairway of the year. However, as cute as it looks at address, there’s no hiding how our pro hit shots into an area twice the size of our test average. Shots also launched with 700rpm less spin, flew four yards lower and hit the ground at a shallower angle than average. Powerful, but in the right hands.


VERDICT: It’s expensive, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t highlight how the Plus produced our fastest ball speeds (154.5mph) while tying thirdlonge­st, at 252 yards. Thanks to its sliding sole weight, it can go from a Rocket 3 (13.5°) to a 3HL (16.5°) within a single head. Tour players predominan­tly choose this model for its slightly higher spin, additional height and steeper descent angle.


VERDICT: With a wider, more forgiving head shape and a lightweigh­t, higher launch shaft, the HD was always going to struggle to compete for our pro on raw speed and distance alone. But, where it comes into its own (against the standard Stealth 2) is offering 1,100rpm more spin, five yards more height and a 5.8° steeper landing angle; all traits that will help lower swing speeds.


VERDICT: If you’re after a decent fairway that doesn’t cost as much as a driver, this is well worth a look in 2023. We like the crisp impact sound, the inoffensiv­e head shape and how the model bettered our test averages for ball speed, distance and dispersion, a performanc­e that won’t be lost on reasonable club golfers. If your speed hovers around average, have a look at Wilson’s slightly easier-to-hit Launch Pad.

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