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ODYSSEY TRI-HOT 5K SEVEN Hosel options / Toe hang: Double Bend / 0° face balanced; Slant neck / 44°; Cranked hosel / 19°

VERDICT: Odyssey’s Tri-hot 5K project was originally an idea to create a family of blade putters with MOIS exceeding 5,000gcm2. The idea has been so popular the brand have now introduced new mallet and MOI models within the franchise this year. Odyssey Seven putters have legendary status, but using 5K multi-material weighting tech and a White Hot face insert just makes this putter even more desirable. The combinatio­n of a small sightline and ball-width alignment stripes focuses attention on the impact zone, but also shows the path of this super-stable, oversized model brilliantl­y. Some CNC milling detail gives the Seven a premium appearance.

TAYLORMADE SPIDER GTX Hosel options / Toe hang: Single bend / 0°; Face balanced; Small slant / adjustable

VERDICT: Thanks to the Spider franchise bagging a decent chunk of the putter market over the last decade, Taylormade are now happy to probe further with a couple of new models each year. The Spider GT Max is a new multi-material model, its body made from lightweigh­t aluminium with a 154g steel backweight. The combinatio­n delivers a deep 38mm centre of gravity and MOI of 5,330g/cm2, which is ultra stable among those in the know. We really like how Taylormade have blacked out the back ring; it fades discreetly into the background, so is a useful but not distractin­g part of the design. By producing just a couple of new head designs this year, Taylormade are able to offer the GT Max in six different colour

options, too.

COBRA KING 3D PRINTED SUPERNOVA Hosel options / Toe hang: Single bend / 0° Face balanced

VERDICT: It may be nearly two years old, but we reckon the Supernova is still well worth anyone’s money. We love the oversized fa ng and wing-shaped body, and the lightweigh­t 3D- printed nylon core that frees up weight from the putter’s heart, meaning MOI forgivenes­s can be nudged up. Cobra make three different 3D-printed head shapes, but we’d spend our money on the Supernova as the fang shaping gives a really good indication of the putter’s path and the head isn’t nearly as busy as the slightly more boxy Agera model.

ODYSSEY 2-BALL ELEVEN TRIPLE TRACK Hosel options / Toe hang: Double bend / 10°

VERDICT: It’s not a brand new model, but the 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track has enough about it to muscle its way into of top 10 MOI putters of 2023. We love the feel of the White Hot insert and the idea of having the Triple Track alignment set-up sat behind a Triple Track ball (Callaway Chrome Soft or ERC Soft) at address; you won’t find a more reassuring look. The only thing we’d change if we were buying an Eleven is the grip; the stock option doesn’t have much in the way of flats or sharp edges, which we like for promoting a positive and confident stroke.

EVNROLL ER10 Hosel options / Toe hang: Single bend / 0° face balanced

VERDICT: We’ve been fans of Evnroll putters for a while now, and while the ER10 is seen as a classic by the brand, we reckon it still deserves to be at the cutting edge of any conversati­on around stability putters. The aluminium body and huge, heavy, boomerang-shaped backwing offer extreme amounts of effective MOI (very close to 10,000g cm2). In your hands, you can’t help but feel how the head wants to remain square and swing straight back and down the line. We like the twin sightlines which frame the ball beautifull­y at address, and how the central tip of the batwing structure directs focus on the sweetspot.


Hosel options / Toe hang: Single bend / 0° face balanced; Small slant / 18°

VERDICT: If face angle at impact is responsibl­e for 90% of the outcome of every putt, it’s critical to get the putter back square to your target. Taylormade’s Spider GTX, with its two 40g sliding weights, can help you do exactly that. Depending where you miss putts most often, you can set up the GT Max to help speed up (furthest forward) or slow down (furthest back) face rotation to minimise your miss-hit tendencies. It’s a really clever idea and means golfers can dial in a CG depth from 29mm to 41mm, and a toe hang of 17°, 20° or 23°, which means this single model can go from performing like a forwards CG Spider GT, to mid CG Spider X or back CG Spider Tour. This level of adjustabil­ity always comes at a price, but it could become your ultimate flatstick.


Hosel options / Toe hang: Mid-single bend / slight; Low single bend / moderate

VERDICT: The fanged Phantom X enabled Cameron to become a serious player in the MOI putter market, and part of that success is down to tour player buy-in. There’s a ton of head shapes within the family, but the model that struck a chord with us is the X 11. We liked the modern winged shape, the simplicity of the multi-material head and how the slightly longer face is really good for highlighti­ng alignment accuracy at address. A beautifull­y made MOI putter, which oozes class.


Hosel options / Toe hang: Slant neck / moderate

VERDICT: If we were looking for a nonpremium priced putter in 2023, Cleveland’s HB Soft is the family we’d be drawn to. The 11 is a stubby, fang-backed stability mallet. There’s some surface milling which sharpens up the address appearance, and a Cnc-milled steel face for a slightly firmer year-round feel. Throw in a choice of a slant neck with moderate toe hang, or face balanced single bend set-up and you’ve got a cracking model that will perform for a full range of players and stroke types for very sensible money.


Hosel options / Toe hang: Long slant / 7°

VERDICT: Until 2021 we’d never have recommende­d an armlock putter, primarily because every model felt unnatural to use. But Evnroll’s ER11V, with a 40in shaft and Midlock grip, challenged our thinking as it felt so stable in use. By resting the arched grip against the forearm and holding the putter in our usual way, it was possible to focus on rocking the shoulders and stroking the ball at the hole, with zero destructiv­e wrist breakdown. The model was so good, in fact, that going back to a standard 34in shaft putter felt a little unusual, which we’d never experience­d before.

Try it!


Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers neck / moderate; Double bend / 0° face balanced; Heel shafted / significan­t; Armlock / 0° face balanced

VERDICT: PXG have worked really hard on their putter offering, so there’s now 11 models to choose from, and each has a multimater­ial constructi­on to deepen the CG and increase MOI. The Bat Attack grabbed our attention because of its modern, multi-material constructi­on (with heavy tungsten fangs), the choices and options it offers, and because ours came with PXG’S new stability putter shaft. An upgrade option for which the brand reckon delivers 37% better accuracy thanks to reducing face rotation at impact.

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