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VEGA VMB 7-iron loft: 31° Forgivenes­s rating: 1/5

VERDICT: Few sets of muscle-back irons get sold, as they’re so intimidati­ng and unforgivin­g. But if you want a set, the VMB’S profile is just about as classic as they come. Our test pro couldn’t say he felt a difference to non-japanese forged models, but it didn’t stop the Vega hitting shots into a tiny 78.4yds² dispersion area (third smallest) and dropping just seven yards of carry between on and off-centre hits. Serious cash, but a lovely iron.

TAKOMO 301 MB 7-iron loft: 34° Forgivenes­s rating: 1/5

VERDICT: Sat in a bag, people would think this is a set of premium Japanese irons, yet it costs half that of most on test. From a 34° 7-iron loft the 301 was a few yards down on our average, but all three accuracy metrics (carry drop-off, left-toright dispersion and shot area) were inside our test averages. That doesn’t mean it’s forgiving; just that our pro hit them well. If you want blades on a budget this year, search Takomo online.

TAYLORMADE P7MB 7-iron loft: 34° Forgivenes­s rating: 1/5

VERDICT: Designed by some of the world’s best ball strikers, you need to be some player to handle a set of MBS. To ensure consistenc­y and accuracy they have a Cnc-milled face and grooves, a feature you don’t find on all blades. Buying a set of muscleback­s doesn’t usually come down to data, but our results have the traditiona­l 7-iron loft carrying shots five yards shorter than our longest, but also hitting shots into the smallest shot area.

COBRA KING MB 7-iron loft: 34° Forgivenes­s rating: 1/5

VERDICT: Cobra offer a brilliant family of forged irons this year, and having the ability to combo any of the brand’s five forged iron models (MB, CB, Tour, Forged Tec and Forged Tec X) is a massive plus, and means you can get a great looking, feeling and performing set without putting stress on any area of your game. The MBS are sleek, classic blades and, thanks to being forged five times, they offer feel to rival the very best.

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