The world of Matisse

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Henri Matisse was a rev­o­lu­tion­ary artist. The French painter was at first dubbed a fauve, or wild beast, for his ex­per­i­ments with colour, but Matisse re­jected the no­tion that artists should present an il­lu­sion of re­al­ity. He was in­spired by the world around him. His eye ap­pre­ci­ated ev­ery­thing from the light and hues of the south of France to the in­tri­cate pat­terns of Is­lamic art to African sculp­ture to Chi­nese calligraph­y. In Matisse in the Stu­dio, at the Royal Academy of Arts in Lon­don un­til Novem­ber 12, we see this world. Like his friend and ri­val, Pablo Pi­casso, Matisse trans­formed the world of art for­ever, but in his own rad­i­cal way.


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