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Known for her strik­ing Cleopa­tra eye­liner and dar­ing sense of style, model and so­cial me­dia per­son­al­ity KIWI LEE HAN is tak­ing the sar­to­rial and beauty worlds by storm. She's com­monly seen flit­ting be­tween Fash­ion Weeks and photo shoots all around the wor

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How did you get started in mod­el­ling?

A school­mate of mine is a bri­dal make-up artist. When I was 16, she used me as a model to cre­ate make-up looks. I up­loaded the pho­tos of the looks on­line after­wards and I’ve been get­ting jobs reg­u­larly ever since.

You’re of Tai­wanese and Korean de­scent. What would you say are the dif­fer­ences be­tween the two cul­tures?

I’d say in Tai­wanese cul­ture, or for Tai­wanese fash­ion, peo­ple tend to­wards the sweet, girly looks, while the Korean mar­ket def­i­nitely has a more dis­tinc­tive style and at­ti­tude. Be­tween the two, I pre­fer the Korean style; they’re more cen­tred and de­ter­mined, and I think they dare to be a bit more cre­ative as well.

Which cul­ture do you iden­tity with more?

The two cul­tures are so dif­fer­ent, but be­cause my own style is more dar­ing, I’d say I iden­tify with the Korean cul­ture a bit more.

What’s your favourite food? Do you cook?

Ac­tu­ally, my favourite food is McDon­alds, be­cause it’s so con­ve­nient! I very rarely go into the kitchen to cook, but I think I make a pretty mean Korean kim­chi dish.

You have a very sig­na­ture look with your short fringe and smoky eye. How did this look come to be? Do you have a style icon?

Well, in the be­gin­ning it was be­cause of this one film I watched called Hel­ter Skel­ter. And I’ve al­ways had an ob­ses­sion with Cleopa­tra’s gaze; I felt hav­ing that look gave me a very glam­orous style. So I cre­ated my own look with those two in­spi­ra­tions, and af­ter some time it be­came my sig­na­ture. I have many style icons; I love Ri­hanna and Kaia Ger­ber.

Look­ing back, are there any past styles you’ve done that you find em­bar­rass­ing or funny?

I think ev­ery past trend that was pop­u­lar had its rea­sons for be­ing pop­u­lar then. But when­ever I look back on old pho­tos of my­self, I do re­ally want to hide all of them. I don’t want peo­ple to see them and feel em­bar­rassed for me!

Do you have any hid­den tal­ents or tricks?

I’m ac­tu­ally pretty good at play­ing Chi­nese in­stru­ments. I learned how to play at a young age, and I can play the guqin and the yangqin. I think ev­ery­one would be in­cred­i­bly sur­prised to see me play! It re­ally doesn’t match well with my usual im­age.

When do you feel most down?

When I don’t meet my own ex­pec­ta­tions or other peo­ple’s ex­pec­ta­tions, I feel ex­tremely guilty. I usu­ally set pretty high stan­dards for my­self and give my­self a ton of pres­sure.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a flight at­ten­dant. My dream was to travel the world. But some­how I found my­self in the mod­el­ling in­dus­try, and it also al­lowed me to travel to dif­fer­ent places for work and play, so I changed my mind!

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