december 2020


WE MADE IT. We’ve finally reached the last month of this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. Whatever anyone might have said about learning and changing for the better, which has definitely been the case, the fact remains that it was tough and that we all managed to come out the other end, whether battered and bruised or enlightene­d and jubilant, is something to give ourselves a pat on the back for.

When it came time to fill the pages of our December issue, though, we were met with a strange reality. How to curate the right mix of stories that could convey the sense of levity and cheer associated with a seasonal issue while also being mindful of the turbulence all of us have ridden through this year?

Surprising­ly, we found it in our cover star, Jake Picking, whose own journey from dropping out of school in New York to pursue his acting dreams in Los Angeles and eventually playing the iconic Rock Hudson in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series Hollywood inspired a cowboy-themed shoot ( page 84) that in its own way speaks to the Wild West that we find ourselves in today.

If the year felt surreal to you, you’re not alone. We felt it too, and our shoot “Electric Dreams” ( page 20) is a 21st-century take on the surrealist movement. But for a motivation boost, flip to page 97 for our shoot and conversati­on with Taiwanese influencer Molly Chiang on why it’s more important than ever to be your authentic self. And nothing is more liberating than dancing like nobody’s watching, dolled up with beautiful gems ( page 46). For those who have referred to this year as something of an apocalypse, we have just the shoot for you too. Actress and influencer Angela Yuen in “The Centre Cannot Hold” ( page 106) proves beauty can be found even in the most barren of landscapes.

Now to the holiday season. There is nothing cuter than puppies and kittens and we’ve made sure to usher in the Yuletide with the sweetest Christmas pet shoot ( page 66) – to remind everyone that a pet is a companion for life. For those wanting to know why it’s worth dusting off your sequins and feathers even when sweatpants and pajamas have been a wardrobe mainstay for the past 12 months, turn to Elizabeth von der Goltz ( page 40). Now that we’re in the throes of a fourth wave, Christmas feasting is best had at home and we’ve gathered the tastiest options in town ( page 124). And don’t forget to turn to our Christmas gift guide ( page 72) should you need a little shopping inspiratio­n.

And with that, I bid you all a merry holiday season. 2021 is just around the corner and while the future may still be as uncertain as ever, it’s worth a socially distanced toast to acknowledg­e that we were thrown in the deep end and, yet, we have prevailed. Phew!


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