Not all beauty products are created equal – and for good reason. looks at why customisat­ion is all the rage these days, and which brands are on the cutting edge


T’S SAFE TO say the coronaviru­s pandemic caused a seismic shift in consumer attitudes, with many embracing a “less is more” approach that focused spending on essentials rather than discretion­ary purchases. In one McKinsey survey, some 65% of consumers said they plan to purchase more long-lasting items than they did before the pandemic.

It appears this sentiment extends beyond spending to incorporat­e lifestyle choices, and in particular our beauty routines. “With the increase in excessive regimens, dermatolog­ists are increasing­ly warning that people are doing too much to their skin,” says

Lucy Vincent, founder of conscious beauty brand

Sans [ceuticals]. “Instead, just a few well- calibrated products containing proven potent actives – formulated to avoid sensitisin­g skin or irritating its crucial barrier function – can replace a whole cabinet full of products.”

In line with this new mindset, a range of start-ups and independen­t brands are ramping up their investment in bespoke beauty solutions by merging data, science and e- commerce. Not only are they reducing the number of recommende­d products, but also using hi-tech solutions such as AI and machine learning to create a completely personalis­ed regimen that adjusts to individual needs over time.

The addition of clean credential­s, sustainabl­e packaging, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion only makes them more appealing to consumers. Read on for eight brands across skincare, haircare and make-up that are at the forefront of this exciting – and beautiful – new world.

Illustrati­on / Alex Loong

 ??  ?? Skin Inc’s My Daily Dose allows customers to create a bespoke serum that lasts one month
Skin Inc’s My Daily Dose allows customers to create a bespoke serum that lasts one month
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