Look to the light


AFTER A YEAR of tiptoeing around new rules, new normal and new ways of going about our lives, it seems that if we’ve learnt anything it’s that anything can be dealt with if we take it one step at a time. We’ve dedicated much of this January issue to hope, to pragmatism and to finding ways to move forward with conviction regardless of what changes and challenges are thrown at us. Our fashion shoot ( page 30) trains our focus on the light. Step into it dressed in the season’s strongest looks. And to inject a pep in your step, head to Frey on Ice House Street ( page 42) to sort out a “new year new you” wardrobe that will have you looking fresh while feeling as though you’re still snuggling in your pajamas.

In this issue, we’ve also dedicated a tribute to Virgil Abloh ( page 46), a man who was truly ahead of his time and who embodied the spirit of moving forward a step at a time proving that revolution­s can be achieved with only a 2% tweak to the norm. Our cover star Juno Mak ( page 76) also took 10 years of his profession­al career to really come into his own but, oh, what a presence he is now and his contributi­ons to the local film and music industry have set him apart from the rest. We’ve also invited Hong Kong influencer royalty Elva Ni ( page 108), singer-songwriter AGA ( page 89) and model Ella Yam ( page 98) to grace our pages not only because they really do take excellent photograph­s but because of the grit and determinat­ion with which they approach their careers and the immense grace that they carry while slowly making steps forward to achieve their aspiration­s.

In the spirit of onward momentum, let’s not forget Alex Yeung (page 120), who has slowly changed the landscape of cinema through the Emperor Group, introducin­g audiences to a premium experience replete with gourmet food, cashmere blankets and wireless phone chargers at every seat.

Alongside a selection of stories rounding up the future of beauty tech ( page 60) and what gourmands might be looking forward to trying out in the year ahead ( page 130), we also think that with every step forward, it’s important to also take a look back, to bring along the lessons learnt, to figure out what to let go of. Some of that can be seen in our interview with chef Miguel Gallo of Fireside ( page 132), which uses the prehistori­c cooking method of charcoal grilling to present contempora­ry smoked and roasted dishes for today’s palates and our 100 Takes photograph­er Phoebe Richardson’s look back at the beautiful moments of the past two years ( page 136) as a reminder to find beauty even in the smallest of interactio­ns.

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