If clinical-grade lasers coupled with supplement­s to bring about anti-ageing benefits sounds a bit strange, you’re not wrong. Lyma is disrupting the wellness and cosmetic sector with its unique formula to deliver health and beauty with two state-of-the-art products. LUCY GOFF tells ZANETA CHENG how it all works

LUCY GOFF IS not your run-of-themill beauty guru. In fact, when the former consumer publicist founded Lyma, it was to produce an all-in-one nutritiona­l supplement to supersede all other supplement­s on the market. She worked with Dr Paul Clayton – a global authority in nutritiona­l science who, with his supplement regime, had lifted Goff out of her long-drawn recovery from preeclamps­ia – to reframe the otherwise just-another-jar-in-your-cupboard into a luxury item. Met with rejection when looking for investors, Goff and her husband decided to invest in Lyma themselves and launched to a sell-out.

Since then, Lyma has launched an athome medical-grade cosmetic laser. The blue light emits no heat and is encased in a sleek black tube. Using 500mW near infrared, the laser is coupled with an active mist and priming serum to reverse scars, pigmentati­on and the signs of ageing in just 15 minutes a day.

When Dr Clayton showed up at your office with a clunky machine, what was your reaction? Did you have knowledge of the science of anti-ageing prior to this?

I just thought, “What on earth is this?” I couldn’t see how we were going to turn this device into something anyone can use at home. But then we spoke to Dr Graeme Glass – an expert in lasers – and he was amazed by the technology. That’s when we knew we were on to a winner.

I knew about LED and microcurre­nt treatments but had never been impressed with the results. That’s why I was so excited to bring the Lyma laser to the market – it would disrupt the cosmetic market the way the supplement had disrupted the supplement market, by bringing something superior to the fore.

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