How have beauty gadgets revolution­ised beauty routines?

Devices have revolution­ised beauty routines by changing the way we view athome skincare treatments. For example, we’ve known that LED light therapy is proven to stimulate cellular activity, but for a long time the only way to get benefits was through in-office treatments. Recent technologi­cal advancemen­ts have allowed us to put highperfor­mance and sophistica­ted technology into the hands of patients in the comfort of their own home. This allows for daily, consistent use which will have long-lasting, cumulative results.

Traditiona­l skincare products or beauty gadgets? How do they compare?

Don’t think of them as either or, more like “better together.” Traditiona­l skincare products and devices have the same goal – effect change in the skin. Let’s use LED light therapy as an example again. Just like our skin cells have receptors for actives like vitamin C and retinol, the same is true for LED light therapy. These specific ingredient­s all work slightly differentl­y to stimulate your skin’s own production of collagen – the fibres that give skin its firmness and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. When used in conjunctio­n, you’re getting all the benefits they have to offer and compounded results. When it comes to anything in skincare, follow the science – look for clinically proven and scientific­ally tested formulas.

How do your beauty gadgets complement your traditiona­l skincare products? Do you recommend using one over the other?

No, they will be better together. That said, I always advise patients to follow the use instructio­ns as stated by the brand. It’s all about building elastin and collagen and strengthen­ing the skin’s moisture barrier. When you stimulate your body’s natural production of elastin and collagen, you’re unlocking the key to younger, healthy looking skin.

Some people out there might be concerned about the safety of these beauty gadgets. What are some of the technologi­es used and are they safe?

It may seem fun to try the new, buzzy device, but it’s very important to remember your skin is a complex organ. It’s good to be cautious and only use devices from brands that are transparen­t, clinically studied and honest about their results.

How do your beauty gadgets compare with profession­al beauty salons?

At-home devices are a fraction of the strength of devices that are used in profession­al settings to ensure the safety of the consumer. The total energy output of a LED device is determined by the power (optical output) and the treatment time. However, frequency is needed to sustain the energy that stimulates collagen. At the end of the day, the real key to effectiven­ess is consistent daily use. This is why I created an at-home LED device. I knew that patients needed a daily treatment to accompany what I offer in my practice.

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