Traditiona­l skincare products or beauty gadgets? How do they compare?

The CellReturn device is operated by

LED but traditiona­l skincare products use common materials such as a brush, vibration and cosmetics.

How do your beauty gadgets complement your traditiona­l skincare products? Do you recommend using one over the other?

In skincare, products act on the epidermis layer of the skin and the device works up to

the dermis layer of the skin. It’s recommende­d to use them together for overall skin layer care and it has the effect of increasing the absorption rate of skincare products through beauty devices.

CellReturn LED Mask Platinum helps to improve dead skin cells, skin elasticity, face lifting and neck lifting, skin transparen­cy, skin texture around the eyes, deep moisture, smoothness, pore numbers and so on.

Of course it differs, but how long does it usually take to see results?

In a clinical trial conducted with the LED Mask Platinum, it was verified with a test period of four weeks. The study was designed based on 28 days of skin turnover (the time it takes for new skin to replace existing skin).

What are some of the different problems that beauty gadgets can help tackle or target?

Wound healing on skin lesions, skin rejuvenati­on (in aged photo-damaged human skin, LED can trigger skin collagen synthesis), depigmenta­tion (combining both blue and red light can produce an overall decrease in melanin levels) and acne ( photothera­py using visible light, usually blue light, is used to treat acne).

What are some of the different types of beauty gadgets?

There are several categories such as ultrasonic, high-frequency devices and so on.

How do your beauty gadgets compare with profession­al beauty salons?

Beauty salons do massage or skincare with cosmetics, but a CellReturn device uses LED, which has different modes according to skin types such as troubled skin and skin density – this means it can do detailed care.

 ?? ?? Clockwise from left: CellReturn’s Platinum LED Mask, Hair AlphaRay and Neckle Ray Plus
Clockwise from left: CellReturn’s Platinum LED Mask, Hair AlphaRay and Neckle Ray Plus
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