What inspired the Pro Pore Refiner?

The overwhelmi­ng majority of skin concerns I see in my clinic come down to inadequate cleansing, and I created my Pro Pore Refiner exactly for this reason. The Pro Pore Refiner is designed to mimic profession­al methods (heat, massage and extraction) for expert results at home.

Skin conditions are vast in the world. How do you choose which to address and how do you approach them in research?

At Skinesis, every new product is inspired by my “face to formula” philosophy – we gather all of the intelligen­ce and experience from performing over 15,000 facials a year in my clinic and infuse this into our launches. This is the guiding principle for our formulatio­ns; there has to be a genuine need that isn’t being fulfilled, and from there we focus on creating the most innovative, luxurious and resultsdri­ven formulas that can meet that need. We choose cutting-edge active ingredient­s based on scientific research and data, without forgetting the need for human touch in facials and homecare.

You mentioned you used to experiment with too much make-up, and you started out training as a make-up artist in fashion and special effects. One would assume make-up

would perpetuate skin problems? Is that true? Is that part of the reason why you changed your area of interest?

Most of us can wear make-up with no negative effects on the skin – the issues mainly arise when the skin is not being properly cleansed. I made the switch from working in make-up to skincare when I recognised that make-up can only do so much if the skin beneath is uneven or damaged – smooth, healthy, radiant skin is the perfect base for beautiful, natural-looking make-up, and I was interested in the science behind how that can be achieved.

As a former or even present consumer yourself, what is something you look for in skincare and beauty products and how have you applied that perspectiv­e of yours to your ideation and creation of Skinesis products?

As a beauty lover, I have always looked for products that combine an indulgent experience with visible results – so my vision for my own products has always been to blend technology and the latest science with luxury. I avoid overly marketing products and look for formulas with integrity.

You mentioned last year you saw a huge surge in demand for your high-tech devices because your clients realised they can mimic profession­al treatments at home. Was that a challenge in terms of having to respond to the increase in demand?

It was certainly a challenge! Initially, the demand was so high that we did sell out of some of our devices for a short period. We had to act fast, drawing on our strong relationsh­ips with suppliers to bring in the required quantity to meet the new level of demand.

What can we anticipate from Skinesis? What’s in the works?

My focus is always on innovation and continuing to create truly groundbrea­king products with industry-first technology. Having recently introduced more and more medical machines into my clinic, we will also be developing new combinatio­n treatments to help clients and focusing on bridging the gap between skincare and overall wellness, for a truly 360-degree approach to skin health.

 ?? ?? The Skinesis Pro Pore Refiner combines heat, massage and extraction
The Skinesis Pro Pore Refiner combines heat, massage and extraction

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