lucky star

ANITA CHUI’s trajectory in life seemed to be set in stone from a very young age. That is, she tells HILL CHOI LEE, until a life-changing encounter with one of Hong Kong’s premier entertainm­ent agencies propelled her into the limelight

- Photograph­y / Ricky Lo Styling / Kellie Chan

On cover and opposite page Black ribbed-cotton slip dress _ Skims from Lane Crawford La Gioia High Jewellery Collection Iconica necklace joined from bracelet in rose gold and rhodium-black plated rose gold with brown diamonds and bracelet and bangles in rose gold with diamonds; Iconica earrings in rose gold;

Nudo bangle in rose gold with sky blue topaz and diamonds, and rings in rose gold with London blue topaz, white topaz, sky blue topaz, agate and diamonds _ Pomellato

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