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Spot­ting a ball is not rocket science and es­pe­cially so on a short putt…

I was fas­ci­nated by the mark­ing is­sue with the lass Lexi Thom­son when she even­tu­ally got a four-shot penalty, af­ter some­one on TV seem­ingly phoned in to high­light her way­ward­ness. She even­tu­ally lost in a play­off and ba­si­cally throw away a ma­jor over the mark­ing of a 2-foot putt.

Now this is in­ter­est­ing. Spot­ting a ball is not rocket science and es­pe­cially so on a short putt. You put the marker down be­hind the ball in line with the hole. Now for a two foot putt this is a very ba­sic and straight­for­ward pro­ce­dure. OK it doesn’t help the sit­u­a­tion now that mark­ers re­sem­ble 50 buck pieces from down­town LA casi­nos, but the prin­ci­ple and sim­ple pro­ce­dure is still there. The room for er­ror in this is very small.

So, for there to be am­bi­gu­ity and such a re­sult­ing in­ci­dent over this op­er­a­tion leaves me dumb­founded and then highly sus­pi­cious. It’s not as if this is a novel thing for a golfer of this cal­i­bre. I mean these guys mark balls hun­dreds of times each week. You are go­ing to get good and ac­cu­rate at it. Just like a sur­geon gets bet­ter at in­ci­sions I would think. The eye is a pretty amaz­ing and ac­cu­rate piece of op­ti­cal kit.

In re­ac­tion to this in­ci­dent some peo­ple, no­tably Tiger Woods and golf writer Ian Carter, are up in arms that a TV viewer has had the power to change the course of a cham­pi­onship. They claim it should be left to the ref­er­ees. Sorry Tiger and Mr Carter, but no. Look at these ref­er­ees. They were ob­vi­ously out for tea.

And then when I read the ju­di­cious words of the said golf writer that ‘it was less than an inch’ I stand in dis­be­lief. That’s like say­ing in an air in­ves­ti­ga­tion near miss it’s ok it was un­der a 100-me­tre or in the High Court case I fol­lowed when in sum­ming up the QC tried to get the chap off at­tempted mur­der by say­ing ‘the knife was go­ing away from the vi­tal or­gan so there was no in­tent to kill.’ I mean, heaven on earth, do you think the ac­cused was tak­ing due care to miss and go away from a vi­tal or­gan as he plunged a knife into the guy’s up­per chest? Sorry that’s non­sense. And be­sides, the jury can see the ac­cused looks like he doesn’t know what an or­gan is, let alone if it is vi­tal. Some facts should just not be used in de­fence as they can look ridicu­lous. And I’m sorry but the ‘less than an inch’ here is poor, poor stuff Mr Carter.

More­over, the new fad di­men­sion of mark­ers al­ready al­luded to throw up a fur­ther point. Now I’m no Sher­lock, but it strikes me rather forcibly and poignantly that the ac­tual dis­tance of the er­ro­neous mark­ing was ac­tu­ally more, and sig­nif­i­cantly more, as the ball ef­fec­tively got re­placed round the cir­cum­fer­ence of the rather too large marker.

Yes, we have to watch the way our game is go­ing. It’s be­gin­ning to get out of hand on many lev­els. The in­tro­duc­tion of ‘me­tal’ woods was the start of a very slip­pery slope for me. And then we had the ridicu­lous look­ing long shafted put­ters which guys and girls put un­der their chins and into their bel­lies and good­ness knows where else. I mean who ever al­lowed that to hap­pen. It just looks very silly and is not the game I grew up to love. And as for that ad­justable head driver non­sense. No please no. Enough is enough.

Let’s at least get back to old fash­ioned marker size for good­ness sake. Prob­a­bly would have saved Lexi Thom­son on miss­ing out on win­ning a ma­jor.

"View­ers at home should not be of­fi­cials wear­ing stripes. Let’s go @Lexi, win this thing any­way." Tiger Woods

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