Jetgala - - EDITOR’S NOTE - Ter­rie V. Gu­tier­rez DEPUTY EDI­TOR

We have a soft spot for the trail­blaz­ers, those coura­geous souls who dare forge their own un­charted paths, re­gard­less of the risks. Their don’t-give-a-damn, come-what-may at­ti­tude is what forces the rest of us to push the en­ve­lope in an at­tempt to em­u­late their brav­ery, to get just a sprin­kling of that magic star­dust that makes these rene­gades such al­lur­ing lead­ers and risk-tak­ers.

This is­sue gath­ers sev­eral of these orig­i­nal thinkers. From Michi­masa Fu­jino, CEO of Hon­daJet who de­voted much of his pro­fes­sional life in de­vel­op­ing an air­craft that could very well prove to be a game-changer in the in­dus­try to his fel­low coun­try­man, de­signer Naoto Fuka­sawa, whose orig­i­nal way of think­ing gave us fur­ni­ture pieces that are at once iconic and beau­ti­ful. Michel Parmi­giani, of the Parmi­giani watch brand, is both a watch­maker and a re­storer of clas­sic time­pieces. As such, he has a foot in both worlds and makes use of this in­sight to cre­ate time­pieces that hark back to iconic watches while em­ploy­ing cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy. There is also Ben Sch­lap­pig, whose love for air travel made him find ways to, well, game the sys­tem so that he got to travel first and busi­ness class all over the world, all while mak­ing use of lit­tle known strate­gies to earn air miles. His way of trav­el­ling is in­ge­nious and yes, just a tad re­bel­lious, be­cause he by­passes the usual way many of us travel.

And of course, there are those who lit­er­ally go into hos­tile ter­ri­tory – like the speed week rac­ers who try to out­race each other in the salt bed of Lake Gaird­ner, Aus­tralia. Their self-de­clared “sick­ness for quick­ness” is matched only by the brav­ery of the elite sol­diers who pi­loted That’s All, Brother and thus helped give the Al­lies the vic­tory in World War II, pos­si­bly help­ing to stop the war be­fore even more died.

Yes, we cel­e­brate the rebels, the mav­er­icks, the orig­i­nal thinkers in this is­sue. They in­spire us to try harder, reach far­ther and think bet­ter. They push us to per­fec­tion. Here are their sto­ries.

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