The Foiler is a fun toy

Even Po­sei­don would be jeal­ous of this mod­ern mar­itime toy.

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Sim­ply chris­tened “the Foiler”, this one-of-a-kind yacht el­e­vates it­self off the sur­face of wa­ter when it speeds up. The me­chan­i­cal ad­van­tages of this func­tion? Its bow en­coun­ters no fric­tional re­sis­tance from the wa­ter, al­low­ing the Foiler to ac­cel­er­ate faster, reach a higher max­i­mum ve­loc­ity and ex­pend less fuel while at it. How­ever, if you’re read­ing this, you’re check­ing out the Foiler be­cause it’s a boat that can fly.

The Foiler by UAE-based Enata Ma­rine made its de­but at the 2018 Dubai In­ter­na­tional Boat Show. Not the big­gest ves­sel, by a long shot, at the ex­hi­bi­tion, the Foiler still man­aged to make the theme tune of CSI play in on­look­ers’ heads. An ar­rest­ing big boy’s toy, the Foiler is likely to be fea­tured in the near fu­ture by film­mak­ers as a James Bond vil­lain’s pre­ferred mode of trans­port.

User-friendly tech

The world’s first pro­duc­tion foil­ing yacht now has per­ma­nent berths in Yacht Club de Monaco and Saint Tropez. At 9.6m in length, the Foiler is pro­pelled by two state-of-the-art elec­tric mo­tors, two 300hp diesel en­gines and two elec­tric tor­pe­does that drive its pro­pellers. Its pro­pri­etary re­tractable car­bon-fi­bre hy­dro­foils el­e­vate the hull 1.5m above the wa­ter sur­face. Boast­ing a max­i­mum speed of 40 knots, this yacht starts to foil at 12 knots. It foils com­pletely at 17 knots, which is when it ex­acts max­i­mum envy from other yacht own­ers.

Most sig­nif­i­cantly, the tech­nol­ogy wielded by the Foiler is user-friendly – foil­ing is con­trolled by min­i­mal but­tons and its smart on­board sys­tem knows ex­actly when and how much to el­e­vate the boat,

so that all aboard en­joy a safe and smooth ride. An eight-seater, the Foiler makes short work of waves of up to 3m in foil­ing mode and can brave even more tur­bu­lent con­di­tions in its clas­si­cal boat mode. When berthed, its foils and elec­tric tor­pe­does stay dry, which fa­cil­i­tates easy main­te­nance and in­creases re­sis­tance to cor­ro­sion.

“We are a fam­ily of sailors and kitesurfers and have started foil­ing in kites and cata­ma­rans since we each were about 10 years old. We’re fully aware of all the ben­e­fits of foil­ing. This was a very nat­u­ral step for Enata. We pro­duce large com­pe­ti­tion and pro­fes­sional drones, as well as rac­ing sail­ing boats and kite­foils. The Foiler is re­ally a blend of all those tech­nolo­gies,” com­ments Alois Vieu­jot, Man­ager at Enata, on this plea­sure craft.

“To start this pro­ject, we merged our R&D with the Swiss com­pany Hy­dros that al­ready pro­duced a work­ing Foiler pro­to­type in 2015. The Foiler is the re­sult of a long process that com­bined all the skills of the com­pany and I think we of­fer an out­stand­ing prod­uct that is both de­liv­er­ing out­stand­ing com­fort and per­for­mance whilst be­ing very easy to use.”

Stealth mode

Might a ride on the Foiler seem to you like a very rau­cous af­fair? This eco-friendly ve­hi­cle is ac­tu­ally de­signed to be as quiet as pos­si­ble while in ac­tion. It’s a silent ac­tion film – its hy­brid mo­tor is hums softly while work­ing in­tensely, and its car­bon-fi­bre body helps to fur­ther in­su­late noise. While you’re mak­ing waves (mostly metaphor­i­cally, not lit­er­ally), your ad­mir­ers won’t hear a peep.

“The best word to de­scribe driv­ing the Foiler is tran­quil­lity. It is ex­tremely re­lax­ing and easy to use.You don’t have any move­ment from the waves un­der­neath while you are above them,” adds Alois. “It is ex­tremely sta­ble and safe, like a fly­ing car­pet over the ocean. It also elim­i­nates sea sick­ness. The feel­ing is to­tal com­fort and tran­quil­ity. (Af­ter this ex­pe­ri­ence) go­ing back on a reg­u­lar mo­tor­boat re­ally feels like go­ing back in time.”

BOT­TOM: Car­bon re­tractable hy­dro­foils el­e­vate the hull 1.5m above the wa­ter sur­face

LEFT: On­board the sleek The Foiler

The tech­nol­ogy of the yacht is user-friendly, foil­ing is con­trolled by min­i­mal but­tons and its smart on­board sys­tem knows ex­actly when and how much to el­e­vate the boat

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