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Continent-hopping with Four Seasons private jet itinerarie­s

Gather friends for a lavish travel experience through multiple cities and continents onboard a private Airbus A321LR aircraft by )our Seasons. The ease of travel logistics that can only happen through chartering your own private jet is a great time saver and convenienc­e for avid travellers who are looking to make the most out of short travel periods. )or 2021, )our Seasons has introduced two new itinerarie­s covering 21 to 24 days each.

In Remote Wonders, the 21-day trip kicks off with a bang at a New Year’s Eve party in ubai, followed by a customisab­le tailoring session in Hoi An, Vietnam and Tuick pit stops in Cambodia and Bangkok. )ly next for a sail through Seychelles, then trek through the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda to observe gorillas in the wild. Before the roundtrip back to ubai, one final stop is made at Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park for a barbecue feast.

The other trip, titled Ancient Explorers, is set for October 2021 and is ideal for travellers looking to pick up history and culture in tropical settings. )ly from Miami to Mexico City for a class by mezcal distillers, then explore Easter Island on horseback, and snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Take up a Muay Thai boxing class by profession­als at .oh Samui Thailand next, and learn about rock-cut buildings in Petra, Jordan. This trip ends with back-toback stops at new )our Seasons properties in Greece and Spain, where travellers can check out Parthenon in Athens and attend private flamenco classes in Madrid. fourseason­

Cruise the West Coast with Latitude 33

The Pacific Coast Highway has been a favourite among road-trippers for experienci­ng the beauty private jet charter and aircraft management company, Latitude 33: a multi-sensorial West Coast Safari exploring California, Wyoming, Canada and Mexico.

The all-inclusive trip with stays at exclusive resorts starts on a private flight to Santa Ynez wine country in Santa Barbara for wine tasting and a relaxing yoga retreat. The Santa Ynez Mountain Range is not to be missed and can be experience­d via luxury sailboat tour. )rom private jet, take on a private helicopter next to Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo, followed by a Tuintessen­tial California drive up Highway 1 to Big Sur – one of the region’s most picturesTu­e hiking trails. The last stop in California is in Napa Valley for some of the Golden State’s most exclusive wines and a private cooking and wine-pairing class in one of the vineyards. Explore the Valley further on a cycling tour or in a hot air balloon.

)rom California, the trip makes it way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a glimpse of the Old West with a horseback ride and working as a ranch hand for bona fide cowboys. More nature abounds in British Columbia, Canada for abundant wildlife sightings bear watching and outdoor adventures. Make a stop in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for beachside fun before completing the trip in San iego back in California for a private tour of the San iego oo and teTuila tasting and inner in a wine cave.

World Circumnavi­gation Speed Record for Qatar Executive

Qatar Executive, together with the One More Orbit team, made history by beating the previous world circumnavi­gation speed record for any aircraft flying over the North and South poles. The achievemen­t was done in Qatar Executive’s Gulfstream G650ER, in celebratio­n of the 50th anniversar­y of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The flight departed Cape Canaveral, home of NASA, on July 201 at :32am for its pole-to-pole mission. On board the flight was the One More Orbit team consisting of NASA astronaut Terry Virts, and Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding. Pilots Jacob Obe Bech, Jeremy Ascough and Yevgen Vasylenko, engineer Benjamin Reuger, and flight attendant Magdalena Starowicz made up the team from Qatar Executive.

The mission was split into four sectors, flying from the Nasa Shuttle landing facility in )lorida to Astana, then to Mauritius and Chile before flying back to )lorida. The aircraft landed on 11 July 201 , officially setting the world record at 46 hours, 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

The mission, which was titled One More Orbit, pays homage to the 50th anniversar­y of the Apollo moon landing and highlights how humans have pushed the boundaries of aeronautic­s.

The sustainabi­lity of aviation from seven major manufactur­ers

Chief Technology Officers of seven of the world’s major aviation manufactur­ers: Airbus, The Boeing Company, assault Aviation, GE Aviation, Rolls-Royce, Safran and 8nited Technologi­es Corporatio­n, made a joint statement on their commitment to ambitious targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the Paris Airshow at Le Bourget in June 201 .

The statement acknowledg­ed how climate change is a concern for society. With aviation contributi­ng to 2 of human-made carbon dioxide emissions, the industry is challengin­g itself to reduce carbon dioxide emissions even as demand for air travel and transport continues to grow significan­tly.

Together, the seven manufactur­ers have strategise­d three elements to sustainabl­e aviation: 1. The continued developmen­t of aircraft and engine design and technology in the relentless pursuit of improvemen­ts in fuel efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions 2. The support of the commercial­isation of sustainabl­e, alternate aviation fuels and 3. The developmen­t of radically new aircraft and propulsion technology and accelerati­ng technologi­es that will enable a ‘third generation’ of aviation, made possible by advances in new architectu­res, alternativ­e energy and fuel, materials, manufactur­ing and more.

While taking on this challenge is ambitious, the seven manufactur­ers also point out that significan­t efforts cannot be done without dependence on the coordinate­d support of policymake­rs, regulators and government­s working together to achieve these goals.

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