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REVIVO Wellness Resorts, which has become well-known for its completely plastic-free and organic and natural-only approach to travel now offers sanctuary in the South of Bali for guests looking to experience the ultimate wellness retreat that is also environmen­tally conscious. The new REVIVO Wellness Cruise is a unique sailing trip onboard a phinisi, a traditiona­l Indonesian sailing vessel that has been hand-crafted and is eco-friendly. The vessel sails around Raja Ampat, Komodo, Banda, Alor and Kaimana, but guests have the luxury for choosing their length of stay and customisin­g their own itinerary with the help of an expert team.

As a wellness retreat cruise, programmes are tailored by the Wellness Coach to suit and achieve each guest’s wellness goals. There is also the Dive and Mind Training Retreat that includes a host of water activities, such as scuba diving, daily spa treatments and exploring the vast biodiversi­ty of Indonesia, as well as activities that focus on the inner self, such as yoga, meditation and fitness classes.

Sustainabi­lity, a running ethos of REVIVO Wellness Resorts, is implemente­d on the cruise too fuel and water tanks are USC certified, and a sea recovery system installed onboard offers self-made freshwater to guests throughout the cruise. revivoreso­

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