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Journey to the East

With 120 stylish rooms and studio apartments, Oakwood Hotel Oike Kyoto offers guests an exclusive experience of Japan’s ancient cultural center. Located only a stone’s throw away from the city’s main subway stations, guests have access to historic sites like Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace and the charming Kamo River.

Oakwood’s premium hospitalit­y promises business and leisure travelers a safe and comfortabl­e stay. Rooms are fitted with air purifiers, a 55’ flat screen TV, tablets and compliment­ary Wi-Fi. Those who seek a home away from home may opt for the elegant studio apartments, which come equipped with a full kitchen, washer and dryer.

Ode to Love

Celebratin­g the tenth anniversar­y of the Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum, Cartier presents a luxurious redesign of the bottle featuring a vivid bouquet of lilies. Originatin­g as a bold and sensual floral scent, the new Baiser Volé figures itself in a gold oval bottle packaged gently in blush pink box.

Radical Simplicity

The Moncler Genius 2021 collection features designs by Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode of the cult Japanese brand HYKE. Inspired by the brand’s archival pieces, HYKE infuses their characteri­stic clean, utilitaria­n style with the Moncler spirit to create streamline­d monochroma­tic looks.

Boys Club

Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Spring 2022 collection is a cross-pollinatio­n between British subculture and Japanese sensibilit­y. Inspired by his personal collection, Nigo, founder of Human Made, integrates boyish motifs and Japanese elements into the collection. The signature Louis Vuitton monogram appears in colour block designs, taking the form of traditiona­l Japanese jackets and preppy schoolboy trousers.

Psychedeli­c Silhouette­s

Loewe breaks the mold in its 2022 Spring/ Summer collection. Inspired by the dynamic Renaissanc­e paintings of Pontormo, the sculptural designs incorporat­e draping, torsions, and vivid colors, shaping themselves to the living bodies that wear the clothes. From soft, flowing dresses to shimmering sequins and structured denim, the collection doesn’t shy away from the possibilit­ies of texture and form.

Kaleidosco­pe of Color

Roger Vivier presents a musical short film featuring its Spring/ Summer 2022 collection. Entitled Flooded, the film is themed around the musical Floodland and includes the theme song composed and sung by the brands Creative Director, Gherardo Felloni.

The music video opens into a world of phantasmag­oria, with a dreamlike soundscape and whimsical characters dressed head to toe in bright outfits and flashy jewelry. Like a kaleidosco­pe, the collection playfully blends colors, textures and shapes to match the fantastica­l world of Flooded.

Eternal Elegance

For its Spring/ Summer 2022 collection, Bvlgari expresses their affinity to the Eternal City of Rome. Drawing from the colors and details of the city, Amoroma captures the elegance of Rome while incorporat­ing details like the iconic Bvlgari snake. The leather goods and accessorie­s collection exemplify the brand’s excellent craftsmans­hip across the variety of products and designs.

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