Iwill start travelling again later this year – for work and leisure – and I am planning my itinerary much earlier this time. Although my destinatio­ns are nearby and familiar to me, I remain a big fan of a timely and thorough preparatio­n. Hiccups, such as those experience­d by intrepid voyagers at the tail end of the pandemic-issued restrictio­ns, have mostly disappeare­d where airport management is concerned, but there are still little irregulari­ties on the ground. Providers are still busy taking the kinks out of transfers, reservatio­ns, and personal services.

Which brings me to the joys of private jets and the innovation­s that aviation companies are currently offering—the first of which is larger PJs.

Private jets require power and space if they are to be deployed in long-haul missions. Very few passengers can remain comfortabl­e and calm in the cabin of a minuscule aircraft that is on a 12-hour flight.

To illustrate, the distance between Tokyo and Paris is 9,700 kilometres, and between Sydney and Los Angeles it’s 12,100, which translate to a 12- and a 15-hour haul.

In a cramped cabin, that is practicall­y spending half a day strapped on one’s seat, movements restrained and pleasures of flying diminished.

With these challenges in mind, the engineers at Dassault Aviation proposes two solutions that guarantee uninterrup­ted and comfortabl­e long-distance travel: purpose-built business jets.

These are not small commercial planes repurposed for exclusive deployment, but rather aircrafts that can be retrofitte­d to resemble a comfortabl­e home, a productive office or a combinatio­n of both. The Red Dot- and Good Design-award-winning Falcon 6X and Falcon 10X both allow a range of custom configurat­ions.

From flat beds to meeting tables and work desks, well-stocked kitchens, and furnished entertainm­ent spaces, the large aircrafts take passengers to distant destinatio­ns in absolute comfort. No head honchos will ever have to miss a meeting or a productivi­ty review because they were midway between Jakarta and Honolulu.

Speaking of private flights, although travel restrictio­ns are long gone, some problems are developing in the horizon: shortage of aircraft and aviation services which are the twin effects of the surge in demand and the displaceme­nt and dispersal of several aviation staff during the pandemic. Luckily, these problems are easily resolved by private and charter aviation, either of which offers a full range of convenienc­es.

In this issue, we have a review of leading flying clubs around the region where one can recharge and refuel and meet like-minded aviation enthusiast­s.

We are finally cleared for takeoff, but we’re not cleared of the responsibi­lities to plan ahead. A happy voyage, and this we knew all along, is one that does not allow for unwanted surprises.

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