Geneva’s Pierre Salanitro has collaborat­ed with Swiss watchmaker­s for more than 30 years, and Patek Philippe acquired a stake in the business in 2023. The jeweller recently establishe­d his own brand, S by Salanitro.

Ilaunched S by Salanitro out of a desire to create things other than watches, and felt the time was right to launch my brand. There are no limits to creating the beautiful and the exceptiona­l.

Since establishi­ng my company Salanitro 30 years ago, I’ve been developing and making products for others. In the world of watchmakin­g, customers are looking for increasing­ly exclusive pieces, combining fine watchmakin­g with fine jewellery. Demand has never been so high for exceptiona­l pieces.

The very idea of creating precious, rare objects – art objects that accompany everyday life, whether for decoration, utility or entertainm­ent – means my source of inspiratio­n is infinite.

Geneva has been the cradle of watchmakin­g know-how for centuries and still is. I find it extraordin­ary that all this knowledge, the expert hands of the craftsmen, the techniques, are still cultivated in Geneva in the 21st century, and that our city is internatio­nally recognised for the quality of its creations. Geneva is a label of quality, exclusivit­y and security.

Our collection­s at S by Salanitro will remain very exclusive, with only a few new creations per year, in a very limited series. After the masks, backgammon set and mirrors, I’m now interpreti­ng everyday objects as they’ve never been seen before.; sbysalanit­ — HELEN DALLEY

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