Re­al­ity bites

#Legend - - 7/18 -

He wrapped Ber­lin's Re­ich­stag in a sil­very cur­tain, stretched a pier across an Ital­ian lake that made vis­i­tors think they were walk­ing on wa­ter, cov­ered trees in wo­ven polyester, and now he's brought 7,506 bar­rels to the UK. He's 82-year-old artist Christo, and he makes sculp­ture that's im­pos­si­ble to ig­nore. To wit, for sum­mer, he has in­stalled a 20-me­tre pyra­mid­like (tech­ni­cally it's a trape­zoidal prism) struc­ture on Lon­don's Ser­pen­tine Lake in Hyde Park, which com­prises a giant stack of 55-gal­lon bar­rels, weigh­ing 600 tonnes, and called it Mastaba - Ara­bic for ‘bench' - a ref­er­ence to Me­sopotamia and pharaoh's tombs. “It is the vis­ual senses, the wind, the wa­ter,” Christo says. “It is real, not the tele­vi­sion, not com­puter images. I love thre real world. I can­not stand the virtual re­al­ity.” ( Un­til Sept 23).

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