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In­flu­encer and en­tre­pre­neur Katie Sturino is spread­ing pow­er­ful body-pos­i­tiv­ity mes­sages

in­dus­try when I was re­ally young, so fi nd­ing my sound is some­thing I’ve had to do while also grow­ing up. I’m con­stantly learn­ing and try­ing to evolve, and ex­per­i­ment­ing with new things.

You’ve also made it a point to let peo­ple know you’re an in­de­pen­dent artist with no la­bel affi li­a­tion. How did you come to make that de­ci­sion?

I was signed with a la­bel [Is­land Records] for a long time, and I just felt like I was re­ally never in con­trol or had any say in how it would come to­gether. I have such a voice and I like to be hands- on with ev­ery­thing… like lit­er­ally, I’m edit­ing my own cover art for my new sin­gle right now as we speak. I do ev­ery­thing my­self, with my team. Now be­ing in­de­pen­dent, I get to call the shots and it feels re­ally right. It’s just bet­ter for me.

Peo­ple would even tell me I couldn’t cuss on the in­ter­net! Which, I mean, I guess is a good thing… [laughs] But also to me that was chang­ing who I was and how I wanted to ex­press my­self. I was tired of hav­ing to be so cau­tious with what I said and what I did; I was putting out an im­age of my­self that wasn’t au­then­tic. I was pushed into a box of be­ing hy­per-self-aware and quite crit­i­cal of my­self for some­one at my age. I defi nitely was forced to grow up faster than the aver­age kid, but in some ways I’m grate­ful for it, be­cause now I’m way more in tune with my­self.

How has the mu­sic in­dus­try been treat­ing you since?

I think peo­ple get pretty hyped about it! And that’s one of my main mo­ti­va­tors right now – the feel­ing that peo­ple are ex­cited about it.

Let’s say you were to be given a to­tal im­age over­haul – a com­pletely clean slate for the world. No one knows who you are or your past… So now, who is Madi­son Beer and what would she want to be re­mem­bered for?

That’s so hard! I think kind-hearted is one of the main things I want to be aligned with. No mat­ter what mis­takes I’ve made, what path I go down or what mu­sic I make, I want peo­ple to re­mem­ber me and go, “But damn, that girl had a good heart!” #


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