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Thicker, more defined eyebrows not only look youthful (some call it an instant eyelift), but they also frame the eyes beautifull­y. Eyebrow pencils, pens, and powders work wonders to fill in the gaps and shape the brows, while tints or mascaras deliver a natural look, and can even lighten or darken brow hair color. A way to know what you're working with is to use a clear brow gel to brush the hairs of your eyebrows upward. Doing this will help you determine your eyebrow shape and will serve as a guide for parts to fill and color. Then, use a brow pencil, pen, or powder (using a slanted brow brush) to fill in the gaps and add definition. To finish, brush eyebrow gel (choose a lighter or darker shade to match your current hair color) to seal everything in place.

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