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After getting some much-needed rest, I woke up bright and early at 7:30 a.m. the next day. I had a light vegan breakfast, and proceeded to my workout at 8 am to boost my energy for the day.

I had a whole day of treatments arranged: after my workout, I proceeded to The Farm’s Holistic Sanctuary to try out the Live Blood Analysis, Nutritiona­l Assessment, and Colema. The Live Blood Analysis (LBA) allows you to take a look at the components that make up your blood. It takes about 30 minutes and you get pricked on the finger, but it’s enlighteni­ng to see a visual representa­tion of how your lifestyle can affect the blood that flows through you.

After that, I took the Nutritiona­l Assessment, which allowed me to see what necessary adjustment­s I had to make. Here, one of The Farm's nutritioni­sts takes a look at your weight and body compositio­n measuremen­ts and assesses your usual food intake to obtain your nutritiona­l status. Once they have that, you are given a guide on how to sustainabl­y achieve your health and nutrition goals.

Last on my morning agenda of treatments was the Colema Cleansing Enema, which is part of The Farm's Colon Hydrothera­py. It cleans up the lower part of your colon with a warm solution and prepares you for a retention enema. The whole process takes about an hour. I admit I was a bit hesitant to do this, the first time I went to The Farm, but after experienci­ng the light and detoxified feeling afterward, it's now one of my musts when I visit The Farm.

After lunch and a swim break and an afternoon of relaxing, I had some time to try out a few other treatments before dinner with my friends. I first tried the Detox and Cell Renewal Body Wrap and Bath, which is a turmeric and coconut milk bath, which helps fight off viruses, manages infections, and detoxifies the body. That was followed by the Emperor's Facial, which helps with your body's energy flow. The facial includes an acupressur­e massage from the chest up, mild LED photo rejuvenati­on, and an ice roller. According to The Farm, a session of the Emperor's Facial is equivalent to one week of deep sleep. Next was acupunctur­e — now, if you're afraid of needles, The Farm offers the Dolphin Neurostim or electroacu­puncture. It uses a DC microcurre­nt that "resonates" with the body's nervous system to help with various health conditions.


On the last day of my wellness weekend, I woke up early to workout again — as I said, it's important to maintain your routine even when relaxing. After breakfast, I arranged a few treatments before heading back to the city.

First up was an Ayurvedic Central Nervous System Activation Oil Drip Massage (quite the mouthful), which helps to soothe the senses, and includes an Ayurveda Touch Ritual from head to toe for complete relaxation. The perfect start for my last day at The Farm.

The massage was followed by a therapeuti­c oil and tea bath, which uses ancient medicinal fermented herbs. The treatment is derived from the principles of Phytothera­py and uses a variety of natural oils, medicinal herbs, teas, and brans that are infused in the bath. The bath takes only 10 minutes, and after that, you are treated to a concoction of aromatic oils that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenate­d to the point of being reborn.

The third and final treatment I had in store was the Angel of Water Colon Cleansing treatment. It’s the second part of the Colon Hydrothera­py, of which the Colema Cleansing Enema I had the previous day was first. This time, they use a colon irrigation machine that cleans up your descending and transverse colon from built-up waste and toxic materials. It softens up the waste first and then flushes it out for good. Truly life-changing, if you ask me.

After an entire weekend of wellness treatments, I went back home recharged and replenishe­d, ready to take on another work week and perhaps the rest of the year. If you've been looking for a reset, or just need a break from the stress of being stuck at home in the city, I highly recommend paying a visit to The Farm at San Benito. Your worries might still be there after you return, but you'll be ready to face them headfirst.

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1 Falls at the Farm 2 Therapeuti­c oil and tea bath, which uses ancient medicinal fermented herbs
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