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Rikki and Beng agree that Asian food is central in family dinners as the cuisine equates to comfort food, plain and simple. But regardless of their preference­s in the dinner table, they do experiment from time to time. A perfect example is a weekly family tradition they started a few months back—a hosting challenge of sorts. The rules of the challenge are listed below: 1 A budget limit is imposed on the menu for the feast. The host must work within the amount agreed upon.

2 The planned feast cannot be completely composed of takeout dishes. Testing every member’s culinary prowess.

3 Theme is important—you cannot mix different cuisines. If one is serving a Thaithemed menu, all dishes should accord with the theme. By starting a simple yet exciting tradition, the oncea-week gathering becomes a highlight, with all members of the Dee family anticipati­ng each other’s surprise spread. And with each member

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