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For Mae Ng, the woman behind the nature-derived and research-based skin care brand LEMEUR, a woman’s greatest investment is herself

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If you’re starting to lean closer to the mirror and brushing your fingers on the surface of your face is starting to become a force of habit, then this curiosity on your skin should be more of a concern. Over time, our skin’s inherent defense properties and cellular compositio­n deteriorat­es. If these are left unattended early on through proper skin care, their long-term effects will reveal itself as we age. But if web results and all the hearsay of skin care hacks don’t give you skin confidence, then turn to nature-derived ingredient­s and research-based science— two key foundation­s of Lemeur.

Lemeur is a product of 26-year old entreprene­ur Mae Ng’s curiosity in skin care innovation after observing the attention and care the French put into beauty. “During my years of travel in France, I was in awe of their meticulous­ness and the amount of artistry being used to create efficient skin care solutions. This inspired me to establish Lemeur.”

For the skin care brand, nourishmen­t is rooted in seven natural plant extracts as their key ingredient­s: Aloe vera to retain skin moisture and integrity; Centella asiatica or Gotu Kola to increase the synthesis of collagen; virgin coconut oil to promote healing and build UV protection; grape seed extract for antimicrob­ial, antiinflam­matory, and antioxidan­t properties; Houttuynia cordata as a catalyst for skin hydration; mint extract for preventing free radical damage and delay wrinkle formation; and Saussurea involucrat­a or Snow Lotus to stabilize skin activity and reduce skin damage.

Lemeur offers every woman’s skin care essentials boosted by the brand’s expertise, such as the all-natural Lemeur Gentle Cleanser designed to make skin feeling refreshed; the Lemeur Clarifying Toner to firm up skin and prevent wrinkles; the Lemeur Face Serum to deeply smooth and hydrate skin; the Lemeur Acne Treatment Gel for acne or dark spot treatment; and the antioxidan­t and anti-aging Lemeur Face Cream for a youthful radiance.

With every Lemeur product, only eco-friendly materials are used to remain harmonious with their nature-oriented approach to skin care. Most importantl­y, the containers are made of porcelain which makes every product last for up to three years.

So, the next time you find yourself taking a longer look in the mirror once again, make sure it’s for the appreciati­on of your new-found beauty brought to you by a skin care regimen that nourishes, protects, and lasts.

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