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“Shared interests and values can lead to a shared purpose”


What is the real meaning of a “community?” We’ve been hearing this word a lot these days, through groups on Facebook and Viber to viral news of people sharing what they can to those in need. Its meaning has shifted over time to move away from being exclusive to being inclusive. To put it simply, it’s about choice, an expression of your personalit­y and the values you espouse and meeting other kindred spirits.

But a true community has an inherent superpower—it has the ability to understand the needs and see opportunit­ies to uplift and change the lives of others. Shared interests and values can lead to a shared purpose.

This concept of a community is tested through crisis, such as the current global pandemic. It gave birth to community pantries, with both private and public entities pitching in. We want to give importance to this evolved definition of a community as we share stories that define what it means to different people from different background­s and industries.

Our cover personalit­y, Solenn HeusaffBol­zico, a multifacet­ed celebrity, mom, wife, artist, entreprene­ur, among many others, is a humble and sincere person. She never stops from growing and always has the drive to explore many things and facets of life. And more importantl­y this beautiful gorgeous—yes both adjectives apply to her—has a very deep love for her fellow Filipinos, mirroring the true essence of a community. I hope that her story of passion inspires all of you as much as it has inspired me to do better, and do more for those around me.

Fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, notable sports and fitness retailer Toby Claudio, restaurant industry pioneer Malu Gamboa, and beauty industry maverick Chris Cacheuela all share how they help and build the communitie­s they cater to while taking care of their own. Their stories of dedication, commitment, resilience, and compassion for their people and their customers to build a stronger community are definitely noteworthy.

Let us all continue to spread anything that is positive during this crisis and try to help each other in anyway we can. More importantl­y, let us all be the reasons why someone feels, seen, valued, supported and loved.

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