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Take a look into the next generation of LEXUS with the LF-Z Electrifie­d concept car

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Last 2015, the United Nations launched an urgent call for transforma­tive action synthesize­d in 17 Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals. Since then, the automotive industry has entered a period of once-in-a-century transforma­tion. With new smart technologi­es, the customer’s lifestyle demands have evolved. Through it all, Lexus has been building their roster of an electrifie­d future and now begins the next generation of luxury-meets-sustainabi­lity.


Lexus premiered the “LF-Z Electrifie­d”, a battery electric vehicle concept that provides a sneak peek into the driving performanc­e, styling, and advanced technologi­es set to be realized by 2025.

At its core is a new four-wheel driving force control technology known as DIRECT4, creating seamless operation and exhilarati­ng performanc­e while still retaining the signature Lexus ride comfort. More than performanc­e, the design language also received an overhaul. With a beveled silhouette, wider stance, and lowered center of gravity, style remains simple yet captivatin­g. Inside, the cockpit was designed based on the new concept of Tazuna, Japanese for “rein”, that keeps all systems and displays centered in the driver’s line of sight–naturally inviting you to look forward. Improving ownership and automated experience­s, artificial intelligen­ce learns the driver's behavioral characteri­stics, providing constant support through voice commands and smartphone integratio­n.


Aligning with the goal of an electrifie­d future, Lexus plans on introducin­g 20 new or improved models by 2025, including more than 10 electric vehicle variants. By 2050, Lexus sets on achieving carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model lineup, from manufactur­ing of new vehicles to final disposal of older ones.


A vital move in the future of the luxury brand begins in March 2024 as Lexus is scheduled to open a new business and technical center at Shimoyama Technical Center in Japan. The center features test courses patterned after various roads worldwide, and a new three-story Lexus Building to foster collaborat­ion and boost creativity.

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